Riot 111

Springbok Tour protest marshal John Void – or just Void – wrote Riot 111’s ‘1981’, deep in the days of that traumatic event. Raw and angry with a rumbling rhythm section and a scratchy guitar and militant vocal. ‘1981’ reached No.46 in the NZ Singles Chart in October 1981.

Riot 111 drummer Roger Allen was a public servant from Johnsonville, a suburban town north of Wellington, when he first encountered the hippie-punk scene in the early 1980s, at the inner city Terrace, just five minutes walk from Parliament.

Naked Spots Dance, Riot 111 and The Spines, year unknown but likely 1982
The lyrics to '1981', via Up The Punks
Riot 111 at Golden Showers festival, Newtown Community Centre, 2 April, 1983
Photo credit: Andrew Schmidt Collection
Gerald Dwyer
Photo credit: Void Ossuary collection
Void and friends, 1982
Photo credit: Void Ossuray collection
Void and friend, 1981
Photo credit: _Komrade_Void_ossuary collection
Void, 1980
Photo credit: _Komrade_Void_ossuary collection
Outside TVNZ in 1982 when the broadcaster refused to show a video made for the b-side of 'Subversive Radicals'. The full story is here.
Photo credit: Up The Punks
The 1982 single Subversive Radicals
Void/John Void 1983
Photo credit: Up The Punks
Mark Crawford, Dev, Cat and Void, Auckland 1982
Photo credit: _Komrade_Void_ossuary collection
Riot 111
Photo credit: Photo by Charles Jameson
Move To Riot
Flesh D-Vice's Gerald Dwyer and Riot 111's Void, 1983
Photo credit: Photo by Charles Jameson

Roger Allen - Drums

Mark Crawford - bass

Nick Swan - guitar

Void - vocals

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