Flesh D-Vice Profile

Andrew Schmidt
8 May 2013

Wellington’s Flesh D-Vice picked up punk rock’s torch in the early 1980s and carried it proudly through the decade.

As the capital’s punk-heavy indie scene gathered strength and New Zealand’s punk rock community raised its head in the provinces the raw rocking quartet of Eugene Pope (guitar), Brent Jenkins (drums), Gerald Dwyer (vocals) and Richard Watts then Dwayne Yule (bass) remained active central figures, both live and on record.

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Flesh D-Vice's Gerald Dwyer and Riot 111's Void, 1983
Photo credit: Photo by Charles Jameson
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Flaming Soul (live in Auckland, 1987)
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Flesh D-Vice - Flaming Soul (1985)
Gerald Dwyer
Photo credit: Void Ossuary collection
Gerald Dwyer and Shihad's Jon Toogood at the 1995 Big Day Out
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick
The poster for the 1983 12 Inches Of Hard Flesh EP
Flesh D-Vice
Photo credit: Murray Cammick Collection
Flesh D-Vice tour ad in RipItUp, 1985
Photo credit: Andrew Schmidt collection
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Flaming Soul
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Invisible Man
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Gerald Dwyer - vocals

Eugene Pope - guitar

Richard Watts - bass

Dwayne Yule - bass

Brent Jenkins - drums

Steve Andrews - vocals

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Gerald Dwyer was manager for Wellington rock groups Head Like A Hole and Shihad. Shihad released a cover of Flesh D-Vice’s Flaming Soul as a tribute to Dwyer in 1997.

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