Beat Rhythm Fashion Profile

Andrew Schmidt
22 Apr 2013

The most proficient (and pop) of Wellington’s post-punk Terrace scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s, Beat Rhythm Fashion are one of the New Zealand indie boom’s best-remembered and least-known groups.

The Birch brothers Dan (bass, vocals) and Nino (guitar, vocals) were constants in the trio, which had tracks on Wellington’s two early 1980s scene-defining compilations – the curiously titled **** (AKA Four Stars) and Wellingtonzone.

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Beat Rhythm Fashion: Dan and Nino Birch
The **** (AKA Four Stars) collection released by Sausage Records. It featured Shoes This High, Naked Spot Dance, Wallsockets and Beat Rhythm Fashion.
Turn Of The Century single cover
Beat Rhythm Fashion at Mainstreet, Auckland
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick
2007 Failsafe compilation
Photo credit: Photo by Charles Jameson
Beings Rest Finally
Beat Rhythm Fashion: Dan and Nino Birch
Photo credit: Photo by Charles Jameson
Beat Rhythm Fashion photographed for Wellington's In Touch magazine 
Photo credit: Photo by Charles Jameson
Nino Birch
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Turn Of The Century


Bunk Records



Nino Birch - guitar, vocals

Dan Birch - bass, vocals

Glen Stewart - drums

Peter Kaio - drums

Caroline Easther - drums

Rob Mayes - bass


BRF appear as commentators and performers in Chris Knox’s Terrace scene documentary from late 1980.

Beat Rhythm Fashion grew out of The Mixers and Westown Quintet.