Beat Rhythm Fashion Profile

Andrew Schmidt
22 Apr 2013

The most proficient (and pop) of Wellington’s post-punk Terrace scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s, Beat Rhythm Fashion are one of the New Zealand indie boom’s best-remembered and least-known groups.

The Birch brothers Dan (bass, vocals) and Nino (guitar, vocals) were constants in the trio, which had tracks on Wellington’s two early 1980s scene-defining compilations – the curiously titled **** (AKA Four Stars) and Wellingtonzone.

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2007 Failsafe compilation
Photo credit: Photo by Charles Jameson
Turn Of The Century
Beat Rhythm Fashion: Dan and Nino Birch
Beat Rhythm Fashion photographed for Wellington's In Touch magazine 
Photo credit: Photo by Charles Jameson
The **** (AKA Four Stars) collection released by Sausage Records. It featured Shoes This High, Naked Spot Dance, Wallsockets and Beat Rhythm Fashion.
Beat Rhythm Fashion at Mainstreet, Auckland
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick
Beings Rest Finally
Turn Of The Century single cover
Nino Birch
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Beat Rhythm Fashion: Dan and Nino Birch
Photo credit: Photo by Charles Jameson

Nino Birch - guitar, vocals

Dan Birch - bass, vocals

Glen Stewart - drums

Peter Kaio - drums

Caroline Easther - drums

Rob Mayes - bass



Bunk Records



BRF appear as commentators and performers in Chris Knox’s Terrace scene documentary from late 1980.

Beat Rhythm Fashion grew out of The Mixers and Westown Quintet.