Desperate Measures Profile

Michael Higgins
10 Nov 2013

Desperate Measures were the leading lights in Christchurch’s punk scene in the difficult days of the early 80s.

Their prime mover was vocalist Eugene Butcher who was searching for music with a harder edge following his stint in Channel Four with future Dance Exponents David Gent and Michael Harallambi. Butcher joined punk band System X who evolved into Desperate Measures and made their debut supporting The Playthings at The Gladstone in August 1981.

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The debut release on Failsafe, the 1983 Wasted Again cassette from Desperate Measures and Unauthorised
The 1982 EP
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Agony - 2009 reunion
Desperate Measures
Desperate Measures at their 2009 reunion
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Militant Takeover - 2009 reunion
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No Government - 2009 reunion (originally by UK punk band Anti-Pasti)
1982 Canterbury University Orientation gig, with Desperate Measures, Instigators and Riot 111
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Shane O'Neill - guitar

Eugene Butcher - vocals

Erik Van Den Hoven - bass

Greg Hussey - drums

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