The Terminals

Twos, pairs and halves mark The Terminals’ nearly 30-year musical life, from their mid-1980s Christchurch beginnings until the present day.

At the band’s heart are two of the South Island’s most enduring songwriters, vocalist Stephen Cogle, who wrote the music, and drummer Peter Stapleton, who wrote the often darkly humorous lyrics that Cogle sings in his unique cavernous voice.

Medusa b/w Scarecrow, 7-inch 1996
Cul-De-Sac, 1992
The Dead C and The Terminals at the Naval Point Yacht Club, Lyttelton, 2014
Little Things, 1995
Touch, 1992
Live, 1997
Witchdoctors b/w Psycho Lives 7-inch, 1992
The 1992 Black Creek 7-inch single 
Last Days Of The Sun, 2007
Do The Void, a 7-inch single on Xpressway, 1990
The 1998 12" EP Disconnect, released on Flying Nun
Uncoffined, 1990
The Terminals and The Puddle at Auckland's Gluepot, 1993
The Terminals in the early 1990s
The Terminals, 2009
The Terminals in the early 2000s
The Terminals - Batwing

Stephen Cogle - vocals

Peter Stapleton - drums

Mick Elborado - guitar, keyboards

Susan Heney - bass

Brian Crook - guitar, vocals

Maryrose Crook - bass

John Chrisstoffels - cello, bass

Ross Humphries - guitar, vocals

Nicole Moffatt - violin, vocals


Flying Nun






Feel Good All Over

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