The Gordons

Arguably the most sonically challenging New Zealand act of their generation, influential Christchurch band The Gordons created a sound that still resonates over three decades on.

The inaugural IMNZ Classic Record award, presented in April 2013, went to the 1981 debut album by The Gordons.

The Gordons, 1980: Alister Parker, Brent McLachlan and John Halvorsen
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick
Jane Walker, Paul Kean and Alister Parker in The Basket Cases at The Gresham, circa 1978, pre-Toy Love and The Gordons
Photo credit: Ian Dalziel
The Gordons at Sweetwaters, 1981
Photo credit: Photo by Gordon Bartram
Design: John Halversen
Adults And Children
Design: John Halversen
John Halvorsen and Alister Parker fronting The Gordons at Christchurch's Gladstone Hotel, 1980
Photo credit: Photo by Gordon Bartram
The Gordons pre-gig at a Cuba Street venue
Photo credit: Wayne Tomuri. Via Up The Punks
Design: John Halversen
Extended Play on 95bFM
John Halvorsen, 1981
Photo credit: Photo by Mole Burrows
From rear - Alister Parker, John Halvorsen and Brent McLachlan in 1980
Photo credit: Stuart Page Collection
Filming The Gordons at Sweetwaters, 1981
Photo credit: Photo by Gordon Bartram
The 1980 7-inch EP Future Shock was recorded in Auckland at Harlequin Studios and released independently by the band. It would later be reissued by Flying Nun.

Brent McLachlan - drums

Vince Pinker - guitar

John Halvorsen - guitar, bass, vocals

Alister Parker - guitar, bass, vocals


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