Tom Scott

When you think about the history of New Zealand hip hop over the last 10 years in terms of era-defining artists, not many more people stand out ahead of Tom Scott. From Home Brew to @Peace to Average Rap Band to Avantdale Bowling Club, Scott has been everywhere within the local rap scene, supporting and influencing an entire generation of budding rappers

Tom Scott was born in the UK into a musical family. His father, Peter Scott, is a jazz musician who played with the likes of Dr. John. In 1987, when Tom was three, his family emigrated to New Zealand. 

The Shack, where Last Week, Summer Ale and Home Brew's first album were written.
Tom Scott at the Carwash gallery, upper Queen Street, Auckland, 2011.
The Odd, The Beautiful: Tom Scott
Avantdale Bowling Club / Tom Scott - Red Bull Music
Tom Scott and Lui Silk, while playing support for Oddisee on K Road, Auckland.
Home Brew on the NZ Herald Sundae Sessions, April 12, 2012
Tom Scott and Lui Tuiasau. 
Tom Scott, at home in Avondale. 
Avantdale Bowling Club - Old Dogs ft. Langi Brown
Tom Scott, Haz Beats, and DJ Pay Dirt. 
RNZ: Avantdale Bowling Club - F(r)iends (August 23, 2018)
Home Brew. From left: Tom Scott, Lui Silk, Haz Beats. 
Tom Scott
Tom Scott at Tom Gould’s house after the 'Good God' video was shot.
Tom Scott
@Peace - Matter (2014)
RNZ: Tom Scott accepts the 2019 Taite Music Prize, 2019
Avantdale Bowling Club - Years Gone By (2018)
Avantdale Bowling Club album, 2018.
Tom Scott with his father Peter Scott, at the Under The Shade release party, Plaything Gallery, Newton, Auckland. 
Six and out: Lui Silk (wicket keeper), Tom Scott (batsman), and Haz Beats (spin bowler out of shot). 
Tom Scott with @peace, Splore, 2012.
Photo credit: Timothy Flower
Tom Scott with the Young Gifted and Broke collective, at the release party for a digital magazine they made called ‘Something’, c. 2013.
Young Gifted and Broke. From left: Teymore, Haz Beats, Lucky Lance, WES, Lui Tuiasau, Tim D, Hone Be Good, Tom Scott, Jamie McCready, Tony Teez, Lui Silk, and Air Stab.
Tom Scott
Tom Scott.
Photo credit: Promotional image
Home Brew - Basketball Court
Tom Scott with @peace, Splore, 2012
Photo credit: Timothy Flower
Average Rap Band press shot, Melbourne, 2015: Tom Scott and Lui Tuiasau.
Home Brew. From left: Lui Silk, Tom Scott, Haz Beats. 

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