Home Brew

Auckland hip-hop act Home Brew successfully, in equal parts, both transfixed and shocked parts of New Zealand. Their debut album was perhaps the most anticipated and positively received local release of 2012.

The trio of Home Brew were led by Tom Scott, with Lui Gumaka and beatmaker Hazbeats (Haz Huavi), and were joined onstage by a full live band. They established themselves off the back of a series of digital EPs they gave away for free on Bandcamp, along with some very entertaining home-made video clips posted on the internet, promoting their music and generally getting up to mischief while avoiding getting arrested.

Sundae Sessions: State Of Mind
Yellow Snot Funk & Haz's birthday (live at the Espy)
Home Brew Live 'Dedicated to...'
Home Brew on the NZ Herald Sundae Sessions, April 12, 2012
Sundae Sessions: 55 Stories
Good God Feat. Hollie Smith & Tyna Keelan
Home Brew's self-titled debut album (Young, Gifted & Broke, 2012). The illustration, by Guy Brock, shows the Taro Plantation store at 1878, Great North Road, Avondale.
Home Brew. From left: Lui Silk, Tom Scott, Haz Beats. 
Home Brew. From left: Tom Scott, Lui Silk, Haz Beats. 

Tom Scott


Christoph El Truento

Lui Gumaka


Tom Scott is the son of jazz bassist Peter Scott (Bluespeak, Jews Brothers) and his father is the subject of several lyrics on the debut album

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