Julien Dyne

Julien Dyne’s musical path has been one of continual evolution as he melds digital beat-making with the live performance side of music creation. His innovative solo work has seen him released by cult labels in the UK and Japan and performing in clubs across the world while he remains highly active as a drummer on the local live scene.

Born in Montreal, Canada, Dyne’s family returned to Aotearoa while he was still a baby. His father, Paul Dyne, is well-known among jazz circles as an upright bass player with figures such as Dave Fraser, Jim Langabeer, Richard Nunns, and Mike Nock. Their home soon became a regular practice space and young Julien found himself gravitating towards drums.

Julien Dyne - Modes (2021)
Julien Dyne playing with Ladi6
Photo credit: Phil Moar
December feat. Parks (2013)
Julien Dyne - December (2013)
Julien Dyne's 2018 album Teal released via UK label Soundway.
The Circling Sun - Spirits side A label (Soundway, 2023)
Julien Dyne
Photo credit: Harlin Davey
Falling' Down (Live Session@Redbull Studio)
The Circling Sun in 2023, when the piece 'Bones' were nominated for the APRA award for best jazz composition. Back, L-R: Cameron Allen, Guy Harrison; middle: J Y Lee, Julian Dyne, Finn Scholes; in front: Ben Turua. 'Bones' - from the Circling Sun's debut album Spirits - was composed by Cameron Allen, Julien Dyne, Guy Harrison, and Matt Hunter.
Photo credit: APRA
Julien Dyne with Avantdale Bowling Club, Womad Festival, Taranaki, 2023.
Photo credit: Gareth Shute
The Circling Sun, from left to right: Ben Turua, Finn Scholes, Julien Dyne, Guy Harrison, Cam Allen, Matt Hunter, JY Lee.
Photo credit: Crystal Chen
Julien Dyne poster for Rakinos, Auckland, 2012
Get Closer feat. She's So Rad
Julien Dyne - Pins & Digits (2009)
The Circling Sun - Spirits side B label (Soundway, 2023)
Julien Dyne
Julien Dyne - Layer, live at Red Bull Studio (2009)
Julien Dyne, 2018.
Julien Dyne with Avantdale Bowling Club, Womad Festival, 2023
Photo credit: Gareth Shute
Stained Glass Fresh Frozen (Live Session@Redbull Studio)
Julien Dyne
Julien Dyne
Julien Dyne with Avantdale Bowling Club, Womad Festival, Taranaki, 2023.
Photo credit: Gareth Shute
Julien Dyne in Half Hexagon with Yolanda Fagan and James Milne
Julien Dyne, 2018.
Julien Dyne 2012 Japanese tour flyer.
Julien Dyne in St James Theatre, Auckland, during the filming of the Avantdale Bowling Club's 'Years Gone By' video.
Avantdale Bowling Club - Years Gone By (2018)
Julien Dyne - Hours feat. Ladi6, Parks (2017)
Circling Sun - Spirits (2023)

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Dyne’s photography adorns the cover of the acclaimed album In Circles by She's So Rad. He can also be found hosting bFM’s Sunday jazz show from time to time.

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