The Chills

aka Martin Phillipps & The Chills

New Zealand indie fans demanded a lot of The Chills and their creative kingpin Martin Phillipps. They were right to. The extraordinary run of recordings by The Chills heralded a major talent and were among New Zealand’s finest of the 1980s and 1990s.

Flicking back between New Zealand and Great Britain, Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, they toured relentlessly, gathering more fans as they went, pushing their psychedelic pop into the popular consciousness. 

This Is The Way (live at The Gluepot, Auckland, 1988) Bob Sutton Collection
The Chills, Captain Cook Tavern, Dunedin, 1984
Photo credit: Photo by Gordon Bartram
Heavenly Pop Hit
Martin Phillipps and the Chills, Dunedin 1996. L to R: Steven Shaw, Jonathan Armstrong, Martin Phillipps with Sean O'Reilly (King Loser)
The Chills in 1985
The Lost in Space tour poster, 1985
Photo credit: Design by Ian Dalziel
Martin Phillipps applies his distinctive Chills cartoon tag to the backstage wall after performing at the Shakespeare, Napier, 1996
Photo credit: Photo: Steven Shaw
Come Home
The Chills in the mid-1990s: Steve Schayer, Lisa Mednick, Martin Phillipps, Earl Robertson, Terry Moore
Photo credit: Photo by Becky Nunes
The Chills at Christchurch's Star and Garter, October 1982
Brave Words (Martin Phillipps solo 2007)
The Chills - The Triumph & the Tragedy of Martin Phillipps (trailer, 2019)
The Chills, Rip It Up December 1987.
The Chills - Lord Of All I Survey (RNZ, live at Others Way festival 2019)
Lisa Mednick, Steve Schayer, Martin Phillipps, Earl Robertson, Terry Moore
Photo credit: Photo by Becky Nunes
1985 farewell gig
Photo credit: Andrew Schmidt Collection
Martin Phillipps, Auckland 1990
Photo credit: Photo by Gary Baildon
The Oncoming Day
The Chills in Holland in 1987: Justin Harwood, Martin Phillipps, Andrew Todd and Caroline Easther
Kaleidoscope World
An early-90s Flying Nun publicty shot of Martin
The Chills and The Stones near The Gladstone, 1982
Photo credit: Photo by Kat Spears  – Terry Moore collection
Pink Frost (Live at the Rumba Bar, 15 May, 1982) Bob Sutton Collection
Martin Phillipps with The Chills, Captain Cook Tavern, Dunedin, 1984
Photo credit: Photo by Gordon Bartram
Rip It Up June 1990
The Chills - Night Of Chill Blue (RNZ, live at Others Way festival 2019)
The Chills, Captain Cook Tavern, Dunedin, 1984
Photo credit: Photo by Gordon Bartram
The Chills in the late 1980s: Andrew Todd, James Stephenson, Martin Phillipps, Justin Harwood
Photo credit: Photo by Steve Double
The Chills with The Orange at Otago University, year unknown
Wet Blanket
Interview with Martin Phillipps, Dunedin 1994. Directed by Ross Cunningham
The Chills - Lost In Space (May 2017, Kings Arms, Auckland, filmed by Russell Brown)
The Chills 1985 - Alan Haig, Peter Allison, Terry Moore, Martin Phillipps
Oncoming Day (live at the Windsor Castle, Auckland, 10 May, 1985) GreenEyedOwl Collection
Martin Phillipps
Singing In My Sleep - Live from the Submarine Bells tour at the Gluepot, Auckland, 23 June 1990 (Bob Sutton collection)
The Chills setlist from The Windsor Castle, 11 May, 1985
Photo credit: Mark Everton Collection
Letter from Dr. Seuss to Martin
Photo credit: Murray Cammick Collection
Andrew Todd, Justin Harwood, Martin Phillipps, James Stephenson
The Chills in 1999: Rodney Haworth, James Dickson, Martin Phillipps and Todd Knudson.
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
An Ian Dalziel poster from 1985
Photo credit: Design: Ian Dalziel
I Love My Leather Jacket
The Chills - Monolith (2021)
The Chills mid-80s lineup in a Flying Nun publicity shot: Alan Haig, Terry Moore, Peter Allison and Martin Phillipps
Rolling Moon (live at the Windsor Castle, Auckland, 10 May 1985) Bob Sutton Collection
The Chills near the Gladstone, Christchurch, February 1982. L to R: Alan Haig , Terry Moore, Martin Phillipps, Fraser Batts.
Photo credit: Photo by Kat Spears – Terry Moore collection
Pink Frost
The poster for the 1986 Kaleidoscope World compilation
David Mitchell poster for The Chills, Expendables, Exploding Budgies at Mainstreet, Auckland 1984
Photo credit: Mike Corless Collection. Design: David Mitchell
Pink Frost (Martin Phillipps solo 2011)
The Rip It Up ad for The Lost EP
Martin Phillipps
Martin Phillipps in 1995
Photo credit: Murray Cammick collection

Flying Nun



Martin Phillipps - guitar, keyboards, vocals

Alan Haig - drums

Peter Gutteridge - guitar

Caroline Easther - drums

Terry Moore - bass

Fraser Batts - keyboards

Jane Dodd - bass

Rachel Phillipps - keyboards

Martyn Bull - drums

David Kilgour - guitar

Peter Allison - keyboards

Justin Harwood - bass

Martin Kean - bass

James Stephenson - drums

Andrew Todd - keyboards

Lisa Mednick - keyboards

Earl Robertson - drums

Steven Schayer - guitar

Rodney Haworth - bass

Todd Knudson - drums

James Dickson - keyboards

Dominic Blaazer - keyboards

Steven Shaw - bass

Jonathan Armstrong - drums

Craig Mason - drums

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