Lord Echo

aka Mike Fabulous

Lord Echo is an alias for Wellington musician Mike Fabulous, aka Mike Fab. Born Michael August, he has been a part of the New Zealand music scene since the late 90s, playing bass for The Black Seeds for 15 years and performing with Fly My Pretties. As Lord Echo, Fabulous has been cooking up funky reggae tunes since the early 2000s.

Since his stints in these groups, he has released a trilogy of albums – Melodies (2010), Curiosities (2014), and Harmonies (2017) – plus several singles throughout the years.

Lord Echo
Lord Echo, Curiosities (Bastard Jazz, 2013)
Lord Echo, gig at the Hollywood Cinema, Avondale, 10 November 2017
Lord Echo, 'Thinking of You' (7" single, Wonderful Noise Productions, Japan).
Fabulous/Arabia - Give Me Love Tonight (pre-show warmup)
Video for 'Just Do You' - Lord Echo featuring Mara TK
Video for 'Low to the Street', 2017
Live @ Alphabet St Part 1
Podcast, 2019: Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Lord Echo (see link below)
Lord Echo, Harmonies (Soundway, 2017)
Lord Echo, 2017
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