Isaac Aesili

Originally from Christchurch, Isaac Aesili is an Auckland-based multi-instrumentalist, singer, DJ and producer who specialises in trumpet. Aesili got his start in the music industry when he joined hip-hop soul band Solaa in 1997.

Since Solaa, Aesili has also performed as a member of Opensouls and The Recloose Live Band. He has also toured as a session musician and singer with live jungle drum and bass, reggae and soul/funk groups Shapeshifter, House Of Shem, Trinity Roots, Eru Dangerspiel and The Tornadoes. At present Aesili also performs and records solo, as one half of Funkommunity and as one half of Karlmarx.

My Grooves meets Isaac Aesili
Isaac Aesili
Funkommunity - What You Give
Funkommunity - Pass It On
I'm All In featuring Rachel Fraser
With You In My Bed featuring Aaradhna & Buff1
Base FM flyer, 2013

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Member of Solaa, Opensouls, The Recloose Live Band, Funkommunity, Karlmarx.

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