Formed in 2000 and active for the best part of a decade, Cassette released two EPs and two albums crammed with top-notch songwriting, and had a dedicated fanbase in New Zealand and Australia.

Cassette’s arrival on the New Zealand rock scene in 2000 certainly marked a change of direction for its founders, Tom Watson and Craig Terris. The band’s bio described Cassette as having “a laid back acoustic sorta groove” – a very different sound from their respective origins.

Tom Watson, Cassette.
Cassette: Tom Watson and Paul Trigg in the front seat, Craig Terris and Dave Fraser in the back.
Cassette - Cut For Summer (2006)
Cassette - The Jingle King (2009)
Cassette, left to right: Tom Watson, Luke Buda, Andrew Bain, Craig Terris.
Andrew Bain, Cassette.
Cassette's Roland VS-840 digital multi-track recorder.
Cassette - Look At You (2008)
Cassette and Lawrence Arabia poster, San Francisco Bath House, Wellington, 2009.
Craig Terris with Fur Patrol guitarist Steve Wells in the Fur Patrol van, Melbourne.
Paul Trigg and Dave Fraser, Cassette.
Tom Watson, Cassette.
Tom Watson, Cassette.
Craig Terris, Cassette.
Dave Fraser (guitar) and Craig Terris (drums, Cassette.
Cassette poster, Las Vegas, K Rd Auckland, 2000. Support acts Xanadu and Dirt.
Cassette poster, 2008. Whammy Bar, Auckland, with Heavy Jones and Mighty Mighty, Wellington, with Over the Atlantic.
Craig Terris, Cassette.
Tom Watson, Cassette.
Craig Terris, Cassette.
Cassette poster, the Pony Bar, Melbourne.
Dave Fraser, Cassette.
Craig Terris in a still from the video for 'Don't Let Anyone ...'.
Tom Watson, Cassette.
Tom Watson in a still from the video for 'Don't Let Anyone ...'.
Dave Fraser, Cassette.
Cassette - Don't Let Anyone ... (2000)
Luke Buda on keyboards with Cassette.
Cassette, from left to right: Luke Buda, Tom Watson, Andrew Bain, Craig Terris.
Andrew Bain on bass, Cassette.
Cassette - Nothing To Do (2000)
Cassette - The Cancer EP, 2008.
Tour poster for Cassette's The Jingle King album release, 2009.
Tom Watson, Cassette.
Craig Terris on drums, Cassette.
Cassette North Island tour poster, with Ned Collette and Bachelorette, February 2008.
Dave Fraser in a still from the video for 'Don't Let Anyone ...'.

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Tom Watson - vocals, guitar, keyboards

Craig Terris - drums, vocals

Dave Fraser - bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals

Paul Trigg - bass, vocals

Andrew Bain - bass, vocals

Luke Buda - keyboards, guitar, vocals

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