aka Annabel Alpers

Seemingly coming out of nowhere in 2004 – but actually from Christchurch – Bachelorette turned out not to be a group at all, but one woman, real name Annabel Alpers, with a small companion of machinery and three CRT monitors standing in as auxiliary band members.

A kind of woman-machine interface with wry, 1960s girl-group-influenced songs about fragile relationships, and perfectly complemented by the vulnerability of her cheap technology, no one can have expected Isolation Loops (2007), recorded in a remote South Island cottage in winter, to be both her long-playing debut and her masterstroke.

Polarity Party
Intergalactic Solitude (Toff in Town, Melbourne - 13/12/09)
Her Rotating Head
Hammerkop: Adam Cooke and Annabel Alpers
Hammerkop: Adam Cooke and Annabel Alpers

Arch Hill Recordings

Drag City

Particle Tracks


Annabel Alpers’ pre-Bachelorette groups in Christchurch included Hiss Explosion, surf band Hawaii Five-O and Space Dust.

She gained a degree in composition at the University of Canterbury, followed by post-grad studies in computer-based composition at Auckland University.

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