Jolyon Mulholland Profile

aka Jol Mulholland, Mulholland, The Mots
Amanda Mills
18 Sep 2014

Jolyon (Jol) Mulholland is a familiar name in New Zealand music. Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer are just some of the roles he has filled while working with musicians in the local industry, including Neil Finn and Liam Finn, James Milne, and Anika Moa.

His talents and skills as a musician have taken him around the world, working with industry names in the USA. Mulholland’s love of creating and crafting hook-filled, off-kilter pop music has gained him a reputation as an artist and creator of music that defies fads and trends.

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Gasoline Cowboy - Outta My Hands
Mulholland - 95bFM In Session
Main room at The Lab Recording Studio, adjacent to Jol Mulholland's studio, The Oven, during Gasoline Alley overdubs, 2005
Jol Mulholland at Kog Studios recording Motocade, 2011
Gasoline Alley: Scott Mason, Jol Mulholland, Greg Hillier
Kate Orgias recording violin for Jol's 2014 album Stop & Start Again
Jol Mulholland somewhere in Australia on tour with Liam Finn
Jol Mulholland at The Lab, 2014
Jol Mulholland in the mid-2000s
Stop & Start Again, the September 2014 album from Mulholland
Jol Mulholland and Olly Harmer after mixing Stop & Start Again, 2014
Loneliness For Free - from the album Stop & Start Again (2014)
Cry If You Want To (2014)
Jol Mulholland, London, July 20, 2011
Photo credit: Photo by Tim Ferguson
John Mulholland, father of the Mulholland brothers. John was a major musical influence on the young Jolyon.
Jolyon Mulholland recording Motocade 2010
Jol Mulholland, London July 20, 2011
Photo credit: Photo by Tim Ferguson
Jol Mulholland in Paris, 2011
Tools of the trade - an analog tape echo and Fender amp mic’d up for a Gasoline Cowboy recording session
Jol Mulholland in Paris, 2011
Eden Mulholland, 2011
Inside The Oven, Jol Mulholland's studio, taken mid-2014 whilst recording Matthias Jordan's debut EP The Sound Of Asia
Jol Mulholland
Somewhere in the UK in a very old cathedral, this was the back stage area for the a Pure Love gig.
The Reduction Agents - The Pool
The Reduction Agents - Waiting For Your Love
Gasoline Cowboy: Jol Mulholland, Greg Hillier and Scott Mason
Performing in Paris, 2011
Jol Mulholland in Paris, 2011
The keyboard rack at The Oven. Jol is, in his words "an obsessive collector of old/quirky/glitchy analogue synths... these are my current favorites".
Mulholland - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
It Rose Up Like A Sun
Gasoline Alley - Jol Mulholland, Greg Hillier and Scott Mason
Gil Norton, the UK producer, in his Brooklyn, NYC, studio in 2012 recording the Pure Love album Anthems, on which Jol played bass