Dr Lee Prebble

Dr Lee Prebble is a Wellington-based recording engineer, record producer and multi-instrumentalist with his name on a raft of important and influential New Zealand recordings.

Prebble has gathered recording, production and co-production credits for albums from TrinityRoots, The Phoenix Foundation, The Black Seeds, Spartacus R, Cornerstone Roots, Fly My Pretties, Family Cactus and The Inkling. As a musician, he has played in The Woolshed Sessions, The Friendly Barnacle and Bunnies On Ponies. He has also played with Jess Chambers.

Lee Prebble and The Phoenix Foundation in the studio
Luke Buda, Lee Prebble, Samuel Scott with the Tui Awards for the 2010 Best Producer for The Phoenix Foundations' Buffalo.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Recorded Music New Zealand
Lee Prebble on Radio Wammo
Interview with The Woolshed Sessions

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