Trevor King

The earthquake that walloped Christchurch at lunch hour on 22 February 2011 destroyed 10,000 buildings, injured or traumatised thousands of adults and children, and claimed the lives of 185 people. There were other deaths, too, where shock probably played a major part. Christchurch-born Trevor King – former Kerridge-Odeon manager, tour manager, publicity agent, and promoter – was in this category.

Six hours after the main quake, as aftershocks jolted the city again and again, he died from a heart attack, aged 87, in the Spreydon retirement village where he lived, surrounded by ephemera from his long career in entertainment.

Trevor King and the Howard Morrison Quartet, Christchurch Hospital, 1961.
Photo credit: Trevor King collection/Chris Bourke
Presenting Wirths Circus to the New Zealand public in 1949 - for the first visit since 1938 - was a career highlight for Trevor King. 
Photo credit: Trevor King collection
How to hype a film: Trevor King promotes Cecil B DeMille's film 'The Greatest Show on Earth' at The Tivoli, Christchurch, c.1952.
Photo credit: Radio NZ
Bus stop: the C'mon touring party on the road. This damaged photo gives an idea of the primitive conditions. Veteran tour manager Trevor King is at left; visible are Underdogs Lou Rawnsley, Murray Grindlay and Neil Edwards; host Pete Sinclair; camera-friendly stars Sandy Edmonds and Mr Lee Grant ... 
Trevor King with his mother, Burnham Camp, 1942.
Photo credit: Trevor King collection
Max Merritt (centre) with fans and manager Trevor King (far right), Christchurch
Trevor King pictured (right) with his film industry friend John Hart in 1957, on a West Coast tour promoting Johnny Cooper and other acts (among them is early Christchurch rock'n'roll band the Wildcats).
Photo credit: Trevor King collection
Cabinet Minister Mabel Howard meets Johnny Devlin, Christchurch, December 1958. Promoter Trevor King holds the microphone.
Toni Williams (in shades) and Howard Morrison during the Showtime Spectacular tour of 1961 with, on the left, road manager Trevor King, and, on the right, Kerridge Odeon's Nelson manager Hugh Richards. 
Photo credit: Chris Bourke Collection
Rusty Greaves receives the Benny Award for lifetime achievement from the Variety Artists Club of New Zealand, 1976. Left to right, Lindsay Frewer, Prime Minister Robert Muldoon, Rusty Greaves, and scroll recipient Trevor King.
Mr Lee Grant with Trevor King, Kerridge-Odeon's South Island road manager, c1967.
Trevor King on the road in 1950 as tour manager for George Tollerton's "Search for Stars".
Photo credit: Trevor King collection
Trevor King with Slim Dusty and his wife Joy McKean.
Photo credit: Trevor King collection
A montage of shows promoted by Trevor King, from his memoir 'King of the Road'. 
Photo credit: Trevor King collection
The Savoy cinema, Christchurch, 1953. 
Trevor King's Twist Marathon, early 1960s. 
Photo credit: Trevor King collection
Joe Brown (far left) and the Christchurch promoter Trevor King (at the typewriter) on a judging panel on Brown’s Search for Stars talent quest. Between Brown and King is George Tollerton.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Chris Bourke
Trevor King's packed line-up for the Max Merritt Rock'n'Roll Stage Show.
Max Merritt and The Christchurch Teenagers Club (promoter Trevor King on the left) welcome Tommy Sands, 1959
Johnny Devlin with Christchurch promoter Trevor King, 1959
Johnny Cooper's variety show comes to Greymouth in 1957. The promoter "Harry Fagin" is a pseudonym for well-known Christchurch publicist Trevor King.
Photo credit: Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington; Eph-E-CABOT-Variety-1957-01
Trevor King receiving his Queen's Service Medal from Governor General Dame Cath Tizard at Government House, 1992.
Photo credit: Trevor King collection
Trevor King with the first of four Ford Zephyrs he would own, proudly realising his lifetime ambition – becoming an advance manager of an overseas touring production, "Harlem Blackbirds" for Harry Wren, 1954.
Photo credit: Trevor King collection
Trevor King presents "1951, the year of the stars". A flyer for a talent quest at the Civic Theatre in Christchurch.
Photo credit: Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington; Eph-C-CABOT-Talent-Quest-1951-01
Trevor King's Talent Search continues into 1952 at the Civic Theatre, Christchurch. 
Photo credit: Trevor King collection
Trevor King with John Rowles.
Trevor King in Joy Magazine, February 1960.

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