Nathan Haines

aka Sci-clone

In 1995 Nathan Haines released his debut album Shift Left, an album which revealed a fault-line between the previous generation of New Zealand jazz players and – because of its use of turntables and rappers – a new generation which had embraced hip-hop as much as the cool sounds of the 50s and 60s.

Shift Left – the title chosen from a roadworks sign which appealed to Haines’ left-leaning attitude – remains New Zealand’s biggest-selling jazz album. Yet, a year later, when it was awarded Jazz Album of the Year, Haines wasn’t interested in the accolade or the album anymore. He was only 22 when he recorded it and had, he said, “moved on into electronic music and found the album dated.”

The Making of Vermillion Skies
Pauly Fuemana, Nathan Haines, Parnell, Auckland, October 1995
Photo credit: Photo by Simon Grigg
Nathan Haines, 1999
Nathan Haines at the Civic Theatre, Auckland, 2001
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Nathan Haines - 5 A Day
Daryn Karaitiana, Kevin Field, Nathan Haines, Sani Sagala on the Shift Left tour, Queenstown, 1995
Photo credit: Photo by Simon Grigg
Nathan Haines, London, 1999
Photo credit: Photo by Kerry Brown
Pathway feat. Kevin Mark Trail
Doot Dude
Nathan Haines Family Album documentary (2005)
The Poet's Embrace EPK
Heaven and Earth 15-3-10 Radio Wammo Show
Nathan Haines, on the street
Nathan Haines with his wife Jaimie Webster Haines and their son, Zoot
Photo credit:
Nathan Haines, Hinemoa Elder and Peter Urlich
Nathan Haines - Shift Left 2019 reissue (Huh! / Universal Music New Zealand)
Nathan Haines
Nathan with producer (and Upper Hutt Posse manager) George Hubbard, 1995
The 2003 Squire For Hire cover 
Manuel Bundy, Nathan Haines, Sani Sagala on the Shift Left tour, Queenstown, 1995
Photo credit: Photo by Simon Grigg
Nathan Haines - Zoot Allure (remixes from 5 A Day - for release in Europe and Japan)
Nathan Haines in the studio with his son, 2017
Nathan Haines in a 1994 Shift Left photo shoot outtake
Photo credit: Photo by Karl Pierard. Simon Grigg Collection
The Samsung Naked Sessions - Part 2 of 2
Lady Lwya (live at London's Lovebuzz Studios, 2014)
Nathan Haines and the Enforcers, Auckland Town Hall, July 1994 with Sani Sagala AKA Dei Hamo on vocals/raps
The second sleeve for Shift Left, December 1995.
Interview with Nathan Haines, 30 March 1995. Directed by Ross Cunningham. Directed by Ross Cunningham, DOP Mike Monten, edited by Gregor Boyd, art by Johnnie Pain. Huh! Records.
Nathan Haines and Simon Grigg, Parnell, Auckland, 1995
Kevin Field, Joel Haines and Nathan Haines
UK's James Hardway with Nathan Haines, December 1997
Nathan Haines's Shift Left (1994): a landmark album, it was recorded by Steve Garden in live sessions at Auckland's Revolver Studios
Hidden Fortress (feat. Kevin Mark Trail) (2016)
Ancestral Dance
Nathan Haines, sax by the sea
Photo credit:
Nathan Haines & The Enforcers, Cause Celebre, Auckland circa 1994. Murray McNabb is to the left.
Photo credit: Karl Pierard
Label from the Nathan Haines - Shift Left 2019 reissue.
Lady J
Nathan Haines in New York in the mid-1990s
Tell Me What You're Feeling
Nathan Haines in New York in the mid-1990s
The Samsung Naked Sessions - Part 1 of 2

Nathan and his wife Jaimie often DJ together, with Nathan playing as part of the performance, as Mr & Mrs Haines.



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