Mark Tierney

Mark Tierney was a founding member of Strawpeople and is perhaps best known to the public as such, but his place in New Zealand's musical landscape goes far beyond that. He is a man who has spent much of his life behind a recording desk or a camera.

Mark Tierney first made a name for himself behind the mixing desk at Auckland’s Radio 95bFM, recording ads during the day and bands at night, including his own musical project, Strawpeople, with collaborator (and bFM PD) Paul Casserly, whom he met at the station in 1985.

Bic Runga - Bursting Through, edited by Mark Tierney
Mark Tierney's video for Rikki Morris - World Stand Still
Mark Tierney and Paul Casserly's video for Greg Johnson - Sun Beat Down
Mark Tierney
Strawpeople with Anthony Ioasa, APRA Silver Scrolls, 1995
Mark Tierney's video for Jan Hellriegel - Pure Pleasure
Mark Tieney's video for The Exponents - La La Lulu
Mark Tierney's video for Sina - Don't Be Shy
Mark Tierney's video for Grace - Cool World
Mark Tierney's video for Maree Sheehan - You Can’t Hide Love
Mark Tierney on the cover of NZ Musician, February 1992.
Mark Tierney's video for Bike - Save My Life
Strawpeople - Sweet Disorder





Tierney appears in the early shows of the TrueBliss Popstars show as the A&R guy from the record company.

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