Kane Massey Profile

Peter McLennan
20 May 2013

Kane Massey was a producer, journalist and owner of the groundbreaking 1990s Deepgrooves label, which along with Southside and Huh!, captured the spirit and sound of inner city Auckland and its vibrant High Street scene.

Massey got involved in the music scene via his role as promotions manager at Radio 95bFM in the late 1980s, but before that, he had played in bands. Massey was also the publisher of the important Auckland-based indie music magazine Stamp (1990-94) although he started there as their advertising manager, taking it over a few months later.

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Cinema - Kuru (directed by Kane Massey)
Deepgrooves logo
Photo credit: Designed by John Pule
Kane Massey
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Lost Records

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Kane Massey ran two labels and edited two magazines. He did all of this without a direct landline, a cellphone or an email address. You left messages at his office.