Strawpeople were formed at 95bFM by Mark Tierney and Paul Casserly in 1990, primarily as a studio band with featured vocalists. Initially signed to Pagan Records, their first single ‘One Good Reason’, a cover of the old Swingers hit, was released the same year but failed to chart. It was followed shortly afterwards by an album Hemisphere.

Further singles ‘Blue’, ‘The Slide’ (a cover of the Tall Dwarfs song), and ‘Love Explodes’ fared little better, although the second album Worldservice charted (No.30) on the strength of student radio play and strong reviews.

A wry hand drawn Chris Knox comment on Strawpeople's cover of the duo's The Slide, 1992
Photo credit: Revor Reekie collection
Interview with Mark Tierney and Paul Casserly from Strawpeople, 22 April 1994. Directed by Ross Cunningham.
Mark Tierney, Stephanie Tauevihi, Paul Casserly,
The Strawpeople album No New Messages was awarded gold sales status.
Paul Casserly, Merinia, Mark Tierney, 1990
Fiona McDonald and Paul Casserly
Drive (feat. Bic Runga)
The advert for the first double 10-inch Deepgrooves EP
Strawpeople - Vicarious
Strawpeople - No New Messages
1991 publicity shot of The Strawpeople
Strawpeople: Mark Tierney, Stephanie Tauevihi, Paul Casserly.
No One Like You
Sweet Disorder
Mark Tierney and Paul Casserley
Paul Casserly
Strawpeople with Anthony Ioasa, APRA Silver Scrolls, 1995
Paul Casserly, Greg Johnson and Mark Tierney during a break recording the Strawpeople at The Lab
Strawpeople - 100 Street Transistors, 1997
Under The Milky Way
Taller Than God
Strawpeople - Broadcast, 1994
Paul Casserly
Strawpeople - Knucklebones (2023)
Trick With a Knife
Strawpeople - Hemisphere, 1991
Stamp magazine, July 1990
Paul Casserly, Mark Tierney, Stephanie Tauevihi
Fiona McDonald, Strawpeople.
Strawpeople - Vicarious2, 1997
Drive, featuring vocals by Bic Runga.
Fiona McDonald, Strawpeople.
Paul Casserly and Greg Johnson at The Lab. Both Greg and The Strawpeople have recorded two albums at The Lab.

Mark Tierney - producer, composer

Paul Casserly - producer, composer




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