Greg Johnson Profile

aka The Greg Johnson Set, This Boy Rob
John Dix
5 Jan 2014

Greg Johnson was born in Auckland on January 7, 1968. Music appealed early and he quickly became proficient on recorder, piano and trumpet.

Despite this, he says, “I never really enjoyed being taught much, I just liked doing my own thing. I have no particular taste whatsoever – if it sounds good, I like it, doesn’t matter whether it’s cool or fashionable.”

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Don't Wait Another Day
Greg Johnson, Ted Brown and Wayne Bell rehearsing with the APO, 2006
Greg Johnson, 1992
The Greg Johnson Set in 1989/90, taken in McKelvie Street, Auckland. From left: Nigel Russell, Trevor Reekie, Greg Johnson, Joost Langeveld and Willis Beckett
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Don't Be The One
It's Been So Long
Hibiscus Song
Save Yourself
Backstage at the Tauranga Jazz Festival, 2005. L to R: Ted Brown, Mark Hughes, Wayne Bell, Greg Johnson
Seven Day Cure EPK
Greg Johnson, Ted Brown and Wayne Bell doing radio in Boston
The Greg Johnson Set, 1995 - Trevor Reekie, Greg Johnson, Johnny Fleury, Chris McKelvie, Scott Rogers
Now The Sun Is Out
The Greg Johnson Set at The Siren, 1989 - Nathan Haines, Greg Johnson, Trevor Reekie
Photo credit: Photo by Brigid Grigg-Eyley
I Got Opinions
Bluespeak - l to r: Greg Johnson, Peter Scott, Chris Watts, Paul Hewitt, Tom Ludvigson. Taken at Cause Celebre in Auckland's Hight Street, the band had a popular Thursday night residency in the venue for three years in the mid 1990s.
Greg in the studio in LA with Ted Brown (centre) and producer Clark Stiles (left), 2004
Pagan Records publicity shot from July 1995
Pagan Records publicity shot from July 1995
Greg Johnson is awarded the 1997 APRA Silver Scroll, for 'Liberty' by the 1967 winner, Roger Skinner. Roger won for 'Let's Think of Something', as performed by Larry's Rebels.
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Diatribe, with Greg Johnson in the top centre and Fiona McDonald at the top left. Taken at the old Auckland railway yards, 1986.
Comet Song
Greg Johnson 1995
A live radio concert, Kentucky 2005
Bluespeak at Cause Celebre, mid 1990s
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Greg in the mid 1990s
Compulsory Allies - Greg Johnson, Paul Casserly, Mark Hatherley, Joost Langeveld
Photo credit: Courtesy of Dom Nola
Greg at Matakana, 2012
Handles Of Pearl, Live with the Auckland Philharmonia
The Greg Johnson Set - l to r: Johnny Fleury, Scott Rogers, Nigel Russell (rear), Greg Johnson (front), Trevor Reekie (rear), Chris McKelvie
If I Swagger
Greg Johnson at Bar Bodega in 2004
Sold out in Boston, 2004
Greg Johnson, right, with legendary memoirist Pamela Des Barres and US singer-songwriter Mike Stinson; Los Angeles, July 2019.
Greg Johnson outside Hotel Cafe. Greg played extensively here between 2003 and 2006.
Interview with Greg Johnson, 4 May 1995. Directed by Ross Cunningham.
Looking Out On Monday
Ted Brown and Greg Johnson, Auckland 2002
Greg Johnson
Kiss Me
My Ship Is Sitting Low
Compulsory Allies, circa 1983/4. Greg Johnson in the centre, with drummer Paul Casserly, later of the Strawpeople and now a writer and director, on the right. To Greg's right is Joost Langeveld.
Photo credit: Murray Cammick Collection
Greg Johnson Band at Molly's in LA, 2003
Greg Johnson
Photo credit: Photo by Tom Davidson
Greg Johnson in California, mid 2000s
Greg Johnson, 1988
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Pagan drops Greg ... 
Photo credit: Trevor Reekie collection



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