When Diatribe formed in 1983, they played in most of the same venues that other indie bands of the time did – but the music was very different.

It looked at first like it might have been a little too different.

Diatribe, from left: Rafer Rautjoki, Ross France, John Berkley, Peter Kirkbride, Chris Whyte.
Merata Mita and Diatribe - Treaty Song (from Patu!)
Diatribe, with Greg Johnson in the top centre and Fiona McDonald at the top left. Taken at the old Auckland railway yards, 1986.
Diatribe - Too Lazy EP (1983, Warrior)
Book of Bifim reviews the Sweet Soul Music show, 9-10 May 1986 at the Galaxy, Mt Eden Rd, Auckland. Pictured are Rafer Rautjoki and Fiona McDonald from Seven Deadly Sins, which evolved from Diatribe.
Dangerous Game
Merata Mita and Diatribe - Treaty Song.
The 1984 Jayrem compilation Songs From Banana Dominion included Diatribe's Dangerous Game.
Diatribe - Too Lazy EP, 1983
Diatribe - Side B of the Too Lazy EP features Dangerous Game, penned by Rafer Rautjoki and later covered by Jules Issa.
Seven Deadly Sins: Ross France, Wayne Baird, Fiona McDonald, Manu, Dennis “Choc” Tuwhare, John Scott, Rafer Rautjoki.
Sweet Soul Music, 9-10 May 1986 - two nights of live music promoted by Montage Studios and bFM at the Galaxy in Mt Eden Rd, Auckland before the venue became the Powerstation. The line-up included Seven Deadly Sins, which evolved from Diatribe.
Herbs - Azania (Soon Come), 1981, written by Ross France (from Merata Mita's Patu!)
Diatribe, 1983: Ross France (lower left), Peter Kirkbride, Rafer Rautjoki, Chris Whyte, John Berkley.
Photo credit: Simon Grigg Collection
The 1984 Jayrem compilation Songs From Banana Dominion included Diatribe's Dangerous Game.
Back cover of Diatribe's 1983 EP Too Lazy.



John Berkley - bass, backing vocals, percussion

Chris Whyte - drums, percussion

Peter Kirkbride - guitar, vocals, percussion

Ross France - saxophone, organ, percussion, backing vocals

Rafer Rautjoki - saxophone, vibes, percussion

Greg Johnson - trumpet, vocals, keyboards

Fiona McDonald - vocals

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