The Music Convention Profile

aka The Trends, The Spectres
Andrew Schmidt
21 May 2013

Johnny Cooper talent quests, folk club spots and hall shows. Beat bands at a main street teen club. Conflict with local hoons. Strange is the tale of The Trends, a young rock and roll band that emerged from St John’s Catholic college in Hamilton during the early 1960s.

In 1966, the Trends moved to Auckland and changed their name to The Music Convention. There they recorded the soundtrack to New Zealand’s classic surf movie, Children Of The Sun, and the psychedelic oddity ‘Footprints On My Mind’. It didn’t matter that the band originated in landlocked Hamilton and had never dabbled in anything stronger than the occasional drink.

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The Music Convention: Bob O'Donnell, Graeme Webber, Greg O'Donnell, Sean Kelly
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Children Of The Sun
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Footsteps On My Mind
The early 1969 lineup of The Music Convention: Robert O'Donnell, Graeme Webber, Sean Kelly, Rick van Bokhoven and Greg O'Donnell
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Ken Murphy - guitar

Robert O’Donnell - bass, vocals

Greg O’Donnell - guitar, vocals

Sean Kelly - drums

Graeme Webber - keyboards

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