The Bluestars Profile

Andrew Schmidt
26 Mar 2014

If ever there was a local record that cut straight to the heart of the confusion and frustration of growing up in radically changing times, it's The Bluestars’ searing garage punk anthem, ‘Social End Product’.

As the angry young man in the lyrics rages at the world around him – “it’s not my fault I don’t belong, it’s the world around me that’s gone all wrong” – it’s as much an anguished cry for acceptance as an uncompromising statement of being. You made me, so if you don’t like me you’ll have to change, not me, he seems to scream as the song howls its way to its fuzz-strewn conclusion and a final, biting “I’m a social end product, so don’t blame me.”

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The 1965 UK Decca single
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I Can Take It
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The Bluestars celebrate the 1966 release of their single Please Be Kind by the UK label Decca with a dance at the Eastern Suburbs Rugby Club Hall in Auckland's Okahu Bay. The support acts were the (misspelled) Sandy Edmonds and The Mockers (no relation).
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The Gallows, the band's own club in Auckland's Remuera, which operated briefly in late 1966
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Rick van Bokhoven, Jim Crowley, Murray Savidan and John Harris
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Murray Savidan, John Harris, Jim Crowley and Rick van Bokhoven in 1965, taken in the old Farmers building in Auckland's Hobson Street
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A 1967 flyer
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'Social End Product', The Bluestars' 1966 single on Allied International, has become a hugely collectable garage classic over the years and has appeared on over 20 compilations including the famed Nuggets
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Social End Product
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The second New Zealand single, from 1967
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The Bluestars head north with The Dark Ages in 1965. There was a "Miss Personality Contest" to complete the bill.
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Rocking the St. Heliers RSA hall in 1965. Other acts that have played the hall over the years include Mr. Lee Grant (who almost caused a riot) and The Screaming Meemees and The Ainsworths in 1981 (the police shut that one down). L to r: John Harris, Murray Savidan, Jim Crowley, Rick Van Bokhoven.
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John Harris is the founder and was for many years managing director of TV production house Greenstone.

Harris was named as the 2012 Screen Production and Development Association / Onfilm Industry Champion for services to the NZ screen industry.

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John Harris - guitar, drums, vocals

Murray Savidan - bass, vocals

Rick van Bokhoven - guitar, vocals

Jim Crowley - drums

Eric Jackson - drums

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Allied International