Trevor Spitz Profile

Keith Newman
29 Oct 2016

After giving up the drum seat with popular Tauranga band The Four Fours, Trevor Spitz made wide use of his entrepreneurial skills, running nightclubs and becoming a booking agent, talent scout and television marketer and producer.

His Christchurch clubs and skills as a promoter helped get some of New Zealand’s top acts of the day on the road, and his involvement in revitalising music television gave many artists the kind of exposure they could never have otherwise dreamed of.

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Hero thumb inferno
The Four Fours at the Inferno, Tauranga
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The Four Fours, from left: Mike Horman, unknown, Rob Smith and Trevor Spitz
Hero thumb spitz letter
The letter from Christchurch promoter Trevor Spitz to Redmer Yska
Photo credit: Redmer Yska collection
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The Four Fours: Trevor Spitz at far right, Dave Hartstone beside him. 
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Hero thumb four fours
The Four Fours, from left: Trevor Spitz, Bill Ward, Rob Smith and Mike Horman.
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The Four Fours - Theme From An Empty Coffee Lounge
Hero thumb 44tngaearlysm
The Four Fours with Trevor Spitz on drums
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A gathering of managers of Phil's club empire, 1978/9: from left - standing, Billy Rae (Auckland), Nick Mills (Wellington), Trevor Spitz (Christchurch), Keith "CJ" Adams (Auckland), and two managers from Lion Breweries. Crouching we have "Raving" Ralph Cohen (Phil's club compere) and Phil. It seems to have been taken at the Mon Desir hotel in Takapuna.
Photo credit: Phil Warren collection
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