The Four Fours Profile

Andrew Schmidt
15 May 2013

Tauranga’s top rock and roll band of the late 1950s and early 1960s was The Four Fours, who could be found at waterfront haunt the Inferno Coffee Lounge, run by drummer Trevor Spitz. For parents, the Inferno was the fiery pits. But for kids, the flame-walled club was the hottest spot in town.

Spitz was an original Four Four, and guitarist-singer Bill Ward an early recruit. Fellow guitarist Dave Hartstone joined soon after with bass player Frank Hay the final recruit.

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Frank Hay, Maurice Greer, Dave Hartstone and Bill Ward
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'One Track Mind' 1967
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The Four Fours with Maurice Greer up front on the Upper Hutt Rugby Gym Stage, 1966
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Maurice Greer with The Four Fours, Upper Hutt, 1966
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Theme From An Empty Coffee Lounge
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Trevor Spitz became a leading New Zealand promoter and producer in Christchurch. He died in 2012.

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Trevor Spitz - drums

Bill Ward - guitar, vocals

Dave Hartstone - guitar

Frank Hay - bass

Maurice Greer - drums

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