Larry's Rebels

aka The Rebels

Larry’s Rebels were New Zealand’s Animals. Our Paul Revere and the Raiders. The top notch local pop band with bluesy bite, who released a handful of vital discs, and for a brief few years were all over the media, the charts and the nation’s bedroom walls.

The Rebels were Auckland’s first great homegrown pop band of the modern pop era; hard working and electrifying live. Their cover versions nipped at the heels of the originals.

An extraordinary meeting of 60s pop talent. Taken in 1966 on the Tom Jones tour (promoted by Phil Warren):(front) Lew Pryme, Larry Morris, (rear) Ray Columbus and Tom Jones.
Live at The Top 20, mid 1960s
Photo credit: Barbara Fraser Collection
Let's Think Of Something
The Rebels, post Larry: Glyn Mason, John Williams, Viv McCarthy, Nooky Stott and Mal Logan
Larry's Rebels at the Top 20.
Photo credit: Kurt Shanks collection
Larry's Rebels, 1967: Larry Morris, Viv McCarthy, Nooky Stott, John Wiliams and Terry Rouse
The 1966 Impact tour dates and lineup. Package tours were a big feature of the 1960s and Gerry Merito had already toured with quite a number. Benny Levin was an old hand at these big shows by the time he and Russell Clark launched their Impact label, so it made perfect sense to send out all the bands on the label together.
Larry Morris
Painter Man
Larry's Rebels outside Auckland Museum in 1967: Larry Morris, Nooky Stott, Terry Rouse, John Williams and Viv McCarthy
Larry's Rebels signing autographs with a very young crowd, venue unknown
Photo credit: Phil Warren Collection
Video of Larry's Rebels, live 17 December, 1968 (No Sound)
The Rebels, post Larry: John Williams, Mal Logan, Nooky Stott, Glyn Mason and Viv McCarthy
Larry Morris and Tommy Adderley
Larry's Rebels go to church
Photo credit: Gisborne Photo News
2013 reissue of both Larry's Rebels/The Rebels albums
Larry Morris solo at The Top Hat, Napier, circa 1970
Photo credit: Gordon Wong collection
The Rebels, post Larry: Mal Logan, John Williams, Glyn Mason, Nooky Stott and Viv McCarthy
Larry's Rebels in Playdate magazine, 1967
Larry Morris at The Top Hat, Napier, post Rebels, backed by Gordon Wong
The 2015 A Study In Colour vinyl compilation, released for Record Store Day, April 2015
I Feel Good
Everybody's Girl
Larry's Rebels in Gisborne, 1966
Photo credit: Gisborne Photo News
Larry's Rebels 
Larry's Rebels 1965
Photo credit: Barbara Fraser Collection
1968 Impact publicity shot. Another photo from the same photo shoot was used on the cover of the Christmas EP. 
Larry saves Miss South Pacific - it was later admitted it was a publicity stunt
Larry's Rebels onstage in at the Mowomba Music Festival, Victoria, in 1968
Larry the showman - taken at the Mowomba Music Festival, Victoria, in 1968. From left: Viv McCarthy, Dennis “Nooky” Stott, Larry Morris, Terry Rouse and John Williams.
Larry Morris, Playdate November 1969
John Williams at Auckland's Top 20 club, circa 1967. Nooky Stott is behind him.
Photo credit: Larry Morris collection
Larry's Rebels at the Top 20
Photo credit: Kurt Shanks collection
Larry’s Rebels were inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame | Te Whare Taonga Puoro o Aotearoa in 2020. The Hall of Fame is an initiative of Recorded Music NZ and the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA), whose support of AudioCulture enables the site to stream music content.

John Williams - guitar

Dennis “Nooky” Stott - drums

Terry Rouse - keyboards

Larry Morris - vocals

Viv McCarthy - bass

Glyn Mason - vocals

Mal Logan - keyboards





Larry’s Rebels’ hit Let’s Think of Something was written by New Zealander Roger Skinner and won the APRA Silver Scroll Award in 1967.

A Study in Black was so named because the label would not pay for a colour photograph of the band for the front sleeve.

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