Arthur Pearce

Ten hero guitars

The recent return of the "long lost” guitar that graced the cover of the era-defining AK79 album had the AudioCulture boffins abuzz about other unu...

Graeme Allwright

Coconut Rough

Valhalla: hole in the wall, hall of the fallen

154 Vivian Street is today something of a Wellington live music institution, though that has not always been the case. Initially constructed in 192...

Disjecta Membra

Straitjacket Fits

The Mutton Birds

Rachel Dawick

Stuart Pearce

Stuart Pearce: the piano has been thinking

Stuart Pearce recounts some of the memorable moments of his more than four decades in the New Zealand music industry, including playing on and cont...

Johnny and The Contacts

Walter Sinton

Johnny Volume: The Scavengers and the early days of NZ punk - part one

Ken Cooke's place in New Zealand rock 'n' roll history is assured, as is that of the band he formed in 1977: The Scavengers. Ken is probably better...

Aotearoa Punk Timeline 1976-81

Johnny Volume: The Scavengers and the early days of NZ punk - part two

Part two of an interview with Ken Cooke, aka Johnny Volume – guitarist, songwriter and driving force behind early Auckland punk rock band The Scave...

Rip It Up

The vitality of the contemporary New Zealand music scene is unthinkable without the commitment of Murray Cammick as the co-founder, editor and ...

Beatles invade New Zealand, 1964

In 1964, on a sunny Sunday afternoon in mid-winter, 7000 Wellingtonians made their way to Rongotai airport to greet four Liverpudlian musicians...

TrueBliss revisited

Before "Our image is kind of like naughty but nice.” Once upon a time in 1999 Peter Urlich sat sipping wine in one of Auckland's "better esta...

Christmas in the Sun

The history of Christmas songs recorded in New Zealand for commercial release only starts in 1949 after the establishment of Tanza Records. At the ...

Inside the Hair tribe, 1972

I was a teenager with my head in the clouds and Dylan songs on my brain and guitar when I first heard this chorus on the radio:  "Gliddy glub gloo...

Aotearoa Reggae Timeline

The Dedikation

8 Foot Sativa

Sara-Jane Auva'a

Radio With Pictures: history 4

Perception of local videos    Although some bands disliked being put through the Avalon mill, appearing on Radio With Pictures via a video clip s...

Francisca Griffin

Song of a Young Country

In 1971 singer, composer and folksong collector Neil Colquhoun released a concept album of songs by – or re-creating the experience of – the Pa...

Arthur Baysting

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