The Tigers

With guitar, bass and vocals going through a 30-watt amp and drums played on a 1F exercise book, the three original Tigers rehearsed in a photo studio owned by the late John McKechnie and Rod Jackways. We started opposite the bucket fountain in Wellington’s Cuba Mall and finished at Sydney’s Manzil Room.

Little did we know, that over the next few years we would fire our manager and friend Paul Walker, our drummer and friend Michael Knapp, and in a final coup de grace, we would fire ourselves.

Bio for The Tigers' single Red Dress, .
Radio With Pictures - My Kind of Town - 1981 documentary directed by Simon Morris, featuring interviews with Barry Saunders and Nick Theobald during their time as the Tigers, plus Sharon O’Neill, producer Peter Dawkins, Dragon’s Marc Hunter, Kevin Stanton of Mi-Sex, and Dave McArtney.
Tigers - Don't Wanna Go Home (1981)
Publicity photo, The Tigers.
The Tigers, cover to Heart Don't Stop single, 1980.
Publicity photo, The Tigers.
The Tigers Mk.2: Wayne Mason, Michael Knapp, Barry Saunders, Nick Theobald, Steve Lunn
Photo credit: Nick Theobald collection
Back cover to The Tigers' single Heart Don't Stop.
The Tigers' bio, October 1981.
Tigers - self-titled album (EMI, 1981)
The Tigers' 3rd single Don't Wanna Go Home (1981), from their Australian recorded album

Australian Steve Lunn had come to New Zealand in 1979 as part of the final Think line-up before joining The Tigers.




Nick Theobald - bass

Barry Saunders - vocals, guitar

Michael Knapp - drums

Simon Morris - guitar

Steve Lunn - guitar, saxophone

Wayne Mason - keyboards

Rick Poole - guitar

Bruce Dennis - drums

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