The Heartbreakers

It’s a word commonly bandied about internationally but rarely heard in the context of New Zealand bands, but a case could be made for The Heartbreakers to be deemed our first (and maybe only) “supergroup”.

Boasting members of the recently disbanded Bulldogs Allstar Goodtime Band, Ebony and the highly respected Tamburlaine, The Heartbreakers came together in 1975 and were one of New Zealand’s hardest working bands until they wound up, exhausted, in late 1977.

Danny Shaw
The Heartbreakers first line-up: Simon Morris, Tony Hooper, Don Wilson, Danny Shaw and Steve Robinson
The Heartbreakers win Best Group at the 1976 RATA awards
The Heartbreakers in Sunday News, 1977
Dennis O'Brien and The Heartbreakers at Quinn's Post, Upper Hutt, 1978
Don Wilson, Simon Morris and Steve Robinson
Nick Theobald and Simon Morris
The Heartbreakers master list of original songs (above the line) and covers
Don Wilson, Nick Theobald and Simon Morris
The Heartbreakers in The Evening Post, 1975
The Heartbreakers in The Evening Post, 1976
The Heartbreakers support The Four Seasons in 1977. It was a thoroughly disheartening experience as the band was sabotaged by the main act's crew.
The Heartbreakers (with Disco!) at Quinns Post, Trentham, Upper Hutt
The Heartbreakers master list of covers
The Heartbreakers at Napier's Cabana Hotel
Simon Morris, Don Wilson, Bill Beare, Nick Theobald, with Danny Shaw at front.
The Heartbreakers on the November 1975 Phonogram release sheet
Tony Hooper (in front) and Steve Robinson
The Heartbreakers outside the Phonogram offices, and record pressing plant in Miramar, Wellington, 1977. Left to right: Tony Hooper, Nick Theobald, Danny Shaw (standing), Don Wilson and Simon Morris. Also in the background is their 1965 HD Holden band car (called Dick after the band's then manager, Richard Holden).
Mother Goose storm Wellington with guests Dennis O'Brien and The Heartbreakers, ANZAC Day, 1976
The line-up for the 1977 Newtown Community Centre concert
Lew Pryme covers The Heartbreakers in the 8 O'Clock, November 1975

Simon Morris - bass, guitar, vocals

Bill Beare - guitar, vocals

Tony Hooper - guitar, vocals

Steve Robinson - guitar, vocals

Danny Shaw - drums

Nick Theobald - bass, vocals

Don Wilson - guitar, vocals

Rob Winch - guitar, vocals




Despite all their singles being credited to just Heartbreakers, the band always used the name The Heartbreakers.

The Heartbreakers' first single was released two years before the Tom Petty and Johnny Thunders helmed bands of the same name released their debut singles.

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