In 1973 a group of experienced New Zealand musicians came together, working with producer Alan Galbraith at EMI NZ's Wellington studios. Rockinghorse recorded with Mark Williams, the Yandall Sisters and released two albums of their own, gaining chart success with the cowbell-driven ‘Thru The Southern Moonlight’.

Looking at the acts the players were previously involved with and surrounded by, and knowing the path some would later take, it's clear that Rockinghorse was a crossroads of immense talent. They were critically acclaimed, busy both in the studio and on stage, and had all the elements for bigger commercial success, but ultimately weren't able to progress. What follows is Alan Galbraith’s take on the Rockinghorse story as their producer from late 1973 until he left for Australia in September 1976.  

Clinton Brown with Rockinghorse
Photo credit: Photo by Graham Potter
Kevin Bayley
Photo credit: Photo by Graham Potter
Kevin Bayley and Barry Saunders in Rockinghorse circa 1978
Photo credit: Photo by Graham Potter
The original Rockinghorse line-up in 1973 (L to R) Keith Norris, Clinton Brown, Wayne Mason, Bruce Robinson, Carl Evensen
Pop Co Special 1974 - Rockinghorse backing Mark Williams on 'I Shot The Sheriff'
A grouping of EMI artists circa 1976. Mark Williams, The Yandall Sisters and Rockinghorse with EMI's Rick White (second from right, rear) and Alan Martensen (kneeling, right).
Photo credit: Rick White collection
Wayne Mason with Rockinghorse
Photo credit: Photo by Graham Potter
Rockinghorse: Bruce Robinson, Wayne Mason, Keith Norris, Carl Evensen and Clint Brown
Rockinghorse, 1973, L to R: Bruce Robinson, Clinton Brown, Carl Evensen, Wayne Mason, Keith Norris
Early Rockinghorse: Bruce Robinson, Clinton Brown, Wayne Mason, Carl Evensen and Keith Norris
The 1975 debut Rockinghorse album, Thoroughbred, recorded at EMI Studios in Lower Hutt and produced by Alan Galbraith. The artwork was by Kevin Dunkley.
The 1976 album Grand Affaire, produced by Alan Galbraith with artwork by Kevin Dunkley using a Steve La Plant image
Rockinghorse 1973: Wayne Mason, Bruce Robinson, Carl Evensen, Keith Norris and Clinton Brown
Rockinghorse in EMI Studios, 1975: Wayne Mason, Kevin Bayley and Clinton Brown
Mark Williams, August, 1975, at Auckland Town Hall with Rockinghorse and The Yandall Sisters - an all EMI line-up.
Rockinghorse - Thru The Southern Moonlight (Pop Co Special 1974)
1975 Rockinghorse line-up with Kevin Bayley (centre)
Title card graphic for Rockinghorse's performance of 'Take a Stronger Look' on early 70s Christchurch TV show Popco, drawn by Chris Grosz.
Rockinghorse on stage in 1974: Bruce Robinson, Wayne Mason, Carl Evensen, Keith Norris and Clinton Brown
Flinders in London, 1972, with Carl Evensen, Richard Burgess, Bruce Robinson and Wayne Mason



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