The Johnnies

The Johnnies were a young Christchurch band formed by ex-Jolly-Ups Mike Smith and Neil McRobie, and two punks, Vince Haughey and Rick Tindall, after they met at the inner city DB Gladstone venue.

Their ultra elusive 7-inch EP is a rare Christchurch punk rock single, almost never seen in New Zealand. It slipped out at a release party at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Christchurch in December 1982 in a 500 copy run and soon disappeared.

Vince Haughey
The Johnnies at Christchurch's PJ's club, June 1982
The Johnnies - Who Killed Johnny EP
The December 1982 Who Killed Johnny single by The Johnnies. One of the rarest New Zealand punk singles, only 500 were pressed.

Johnarchy Records


Vince Haughey - guitar

Rick Tindall - vocals

Neil McRobie - drums

Mike Smith - bass

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