Roger Tibbs

By the time of his fourth tour of the US Midwest in the 2010s, New Zealand country singer and yodeller Roger Tibbs believed he was at last where he belonged. American audiences were fascinated by him, and he held in his hands a signed contract for his own headline residency in one of the biggest theatres in Branson, Missouri.

“I came out of that meeting with tears rolling down my cheeks,” Tibbs told AudioCulture. “I said to [wife] Denise, ‘We’ve done it. We’ve been knocking this thing for 30 years and here it is. We’ve got it in our hands. We have absolutely nailed it.’

Roger Tibbs in Country Music Traditional Magazine, September 2013
Roger Tibbs - poster for the National Old Time Festival, Le Mars, Iowa.
Roger Tibbs - Hometown Opry poster, Nebraska
Roger Tibbs in Capital News, 1986
Roger Tibbs - You're Everything To Me (Jayrem, 2008)
Roger Tibbs was awarded the Gospel CD of the Year for his song The Place Where I Worship, by the USA Rural Roots Music Commission, Iowa, 2013.
Roger Tibbs
Leroy Van Dyke ('Walk On By') and Roger Tibbs, 2013
Roger Tibbs – Midwest Country USA DVD, 2011.
Roger Tibbs - Maplewood Auditorium, July 2013
Roger, Tex and Mary performing in Le Mars, Iowa
"Thank You Roger Tibbs" - from Bob Everhart, president of the National Traditional Country Music Association.
Roger Tibbs - Texas Gospel Concert poster
Roger Tibbs, from the Miles of Memories programme.
Roger Tibbs - Yodelling Man (Music World, 1984)
Roger Tibbs and Patti Page
Roger Tibbs in Nashville with Vince Gill.
Roger Tibbs receiving the Best Gospel CD award from Bob Everhart, Iowa 2013
Roger Tibbs - Southbound and Born to Be A Cowboy album covers
Roger Tibbs with George Hamilton IV, Nebraska
Roger Tibbs - Yodel Polka
Roger Tibbs with Vince Gill and The Time Jumpers, Station Inn, Nashville
Roger Tibbs - The Place Where I Worship / Miles of Memories (2010)
Roger Tibbs - This Ole House (Jayrem, 2009)
Roger Tibbs - Classic Country Concert poster
Roger Tibbs - Mule Skinner Blues, 2011

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