Shane Profile

aka Trevor Hales, Shane Hales
Grant Gillanders
16 Apr 2013

Singer Shane Hales, an English immigrant who had found fame as the lead singer of the raucous Pleazers in the mid-1960s, would become one of the more enduring faces of the decade and remains a household name to this day.

After the break-up of The Pleazers in June 1967, singer Shane Hales joined the Auckland band The Jamestown Union. After a few months Shane formed his own band called Shane with ex-Pleazer Gus Fenwick (bass), Mike Wilson (guitar) and Glen Absolum (drums) and they held down a residency at Auckland’s 1480 Village. 

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Shane joins The Safari Club in Playdate, 1969
An Eveready ad featuring Shane, from 1968. Manager Phil Warren was an expert in such placements.
Saint Paul
Shane's debut album from 1969 that includes his Loxene Golden Disc Award-winning hit Saint Paul, with a cover designed by Dick Frizzell
Photo credit: Design: Dick Frizzell
1960s NZ rock and roll royalty in the 2000s. L to R: Max Merritt, Suzanne Lynch, Shane Hales, Ray Columbus
Photo credit: Shane Hales Collection
Shane with fans in Christchurch in the late 1960s
Photo credit: Photo by William A. Gamble. Shane Hales Collection
Shane in 1968
Shane Hales in a HMV publicity shot
Photo credit: Shane Hales Collection
An HMV publicity shot for Shane, 1969. 
The cover of a 2014 compilation designed by Mark Roach that includes the A and B sides of all Shane's HMV singles, as well as the one-off Heya by Zonk, a studio-only band fronted by Shane.
Shane Hales back in New Zealand in 1974
Shane with Susan Gamble, the photographer's daughter. Taken in Christchurch in 1968.
Photo credit: Photo by William A. Gamble. Shane Hales Collection
C'mon cast shot taken during the 1968 finale, with Shane, The Chicks, Ray Columbus, Tommy Ferguson and Ray Woolf
Photo credit: John Dix Collection
Shane Hales, The Fourmyula's Carl Evensen & Martin Hope, and Bruce 'Phantom' Robinson in London in February 1971. Taken outside The Fourmyula's flat in NW10, where Phantom and Shane were staying after their arrival in the UK on the cruise ship The Ellinis.
Photo credit: Shane Hales collection
Shane on the NZBC show C'mon
Photo credit: Bruce King Collection
Shane and band in the late 1960s
Photo credit: Shane Hales Collection
Shane in a 1983 WEA Records publicity shot
The cover of Shane's third HMV album, designed by Alan Lindsay, and released in 1971. Produced by the late Peter Dawkins, the album featured all originals written by Shane and Bruce 'Phantom' Robinson.
Shane's second album, A Natural Man, released in 1970
Shane and his band in the UK in 1976
Photo credit: Shane Hales Collection
Hastily prepared 1970 album recorded live at the Wellington Town Hall. Shane fronts the Fourmyula on three tracks.
1968 HMV publicity shot of Shane, taken in Wellington's Botanic Gardens in his first HMV photo shoot
Shane with the band at the Top Hat in Napier, circa 1968.
Photo credit: Shane Hales Collection
Shane and Zonk! come clean - with Bruno Lawrence in the middle
Shane in Playdate magazine, November 1969
Shane and fans in 1969
Post gig high spirits for Shane in the late 1960s
Photo credit: Shane Hales Collection

'St. Paul' was a Top 10 hit in Germany in 1969, making Shane one of only three New Zealanders to have a major hit outside Australasia in the 1960s (the other two were John Rowles and Jay Epae)