Jim Lawrie

In December 1978 Auckland band Street Talk was engaged to provide the entertainment at David Bowie’s post-concert party. Drummer Jim Lawrie remembers it well. “Bowie said, ‘oh I love the blues’ and jumped on stage and sang ‘First Time I Sang The Blues’, just the one song. And then I was tapped on the shoulder by [Bowie’s drummer] Denny Davis who said, ‘hey man, can I play your drums?’ Soon none of the Street Talk members were playing, it was all Bowie’s band. It was such a buzz, watching Denny Davis play my drums at my gig.”

Lawrie has another fond memory, from nine years earlier. “I was playing in Serenity Lane at a dance in Mangonui. That morning we had bought a copy of the just-released Rolling Stones’ ‘Honky Tonk Women’ and we spent the afternoon learning it. It was brand new, no one had heard it and that night when we played it I felt that we were current, leading edge, the first in New Zealand to play it, or at least it felt like that, a lovely feeling. It was wild and exciting and of all my memories, later playing to crowds of twenty and thirty thousand, that memory of playing ‘Honky Tonk Women’ to a crowd of seventy or eighty in a small Northland hall remains my favourite.”

Jim Lawrie with a gold record for The Pink Flamingos
A Save The Gluepot protest. To the left, in green, is drummer Jim Lawrie and in front of him is the Gluepot's chef, Pat Maxwell
Jim Lawrie with Sharon O'Neill, Nelson, 2014
The Country Flyers - L to R: Midge Marsden, Kevin Watson, Martin Hope, Jim Lawrie, Richard Nicholson
Highway: From left George Barris, Bruce Sontgen, George Limbidis, Jim Lawrie and Phil Pritchard.
Highway at Monsalvat, Eltham, Victoria, September 1971: Phil Pritchard, Jim Lawrie, George Limbidis, Bruce Sontgen and George Barris
Street Talk - Back In The Bad Old Days
Street Talk with Kim Fowley at Mandrill Studios, 1979: Jim Lawrie, Stuart Pearce, Andy MacDonald, Hammond Gamble, Kim Fowley and Mike Caen
Photo credit: Murray Cammick
Highway: George Barris, Jim Lawrie, Phil Pritchard, George Limbidis and Bruce Sontgen
Photo credit: Jim Lawrie Collection
Street Talk at Mandrill Studios, Parnell, with Kim Fowley and WEA Record's Tim Murdoch: Stuart Pearce, Jim Lawrie, Tim Murdoch, Kim Fowley (front), Andy MacDonald, Mike Caen and Hammond Gamble
Photo credit: Murray Cammick
Jim Lawrie with Highway
Street Talk: Stuart Pearce, Andy MacDonald, Mike Caen, Jim Lawrie and Hammond Gamble
The Pink Flamingos Mk.2:  Peter Allison, Ian Morris, Jim Lawrie, Paul Woolright and Dave McArtney
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick
Jim Lawrie with Dave McArtney & The Pink Flamingos, circa 1981
The Pink Flamingos, 1981. Left to right: Paul Hewson, Paul Woolright, Dave McArtney, Jim Lawrie





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