Hammond Gamble

Unassuming and self-effacing, Hammond Gamble has always been an unlikely star. During the heyday of Street Talk and the Hammond Gamble Band, performing to adoring fans, he wouldn’t even leave the stage at night’s end, hanging around in case an encore was demanded.

Laid back doesn’t start to describe Hammond Gamble. In 1980, a guest of Hammond and wife Sue in Auckland, I attended a Street Talk performance at Mainstreet. Backstage, Hammond pulled me aside and asked me to take home his guitar, the familiar black Strat propped in the corner; he had to sneak away. It turned out that the rather comely young lady who had inveigled her way into the band’s dressing room had her sights firmly set on the bandleader. Uncomfortable with her attention but too polite to risk offence, he chose a discreet exit.

Hammond Gamble, 2008
Hammond Gamble in 2012 with Grant Winterburn
Hammond Gamble, 1976
Hammond Gamble on Dixie Chicken (1987)
Hammond Gamble of Street Talk performing on stage at the Auckland Town Hall, 6 June 1979. 
Photo credit: Timothy Barnett, Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections 1709-04-02
Hammond Gamble's debut solo album, released via WEA in 1981
Hammond Gamble with Mike Caen and Rikki Morris at Rikki's studio The Bus in 2006 whilst recording Hammond's Recollection
Gary McCormick and Hammond Gamble, 2001
Photo credit: Upper Hutt Library
Hammond Gamble, 2015
Graham Brazier and Hammond Gamble at the 1994 APRA Silver Scrolls
Harry Lyon (Hello Sailor), Graham Brazier (Hello Sailor), Hammond Gamble, Charlie Morrison (manager of the Cabana), Lisle Kinney (Hello Sailor), Paul Jamieson and Lyn Buchanan (Hello Sailor) in the mid-1980s at Napier's Cabana Hotel
Hammond Gamble with Street Talk, 1979
Photo credit: Murray Cammick
Hammond Gamble's Plugged In And Blue, recorded at Auckland's Gluepot in 1994
 Sue and Hammond Gamble
Hammond Gamble, 2006
2008's Ninety Mile Days, released on Liberation
Hammond Gamble - Every Whisper Shouts (1983) was Hammond Gamble's second album, released via Jayrem on manager Brian Jones' label CSM.
All-Stars Play the Blues end of tour dinner at Christchurch, 1984. Rear, left to right, Dennis Ryan, Hammond Gamble, Beaver, Wilko Johnson, Jane West, Neil Edwards, Paul Walker, Midge Marsden, Mike Farrell. Front, Walter Bianco, Sonny Day, Paul Hewson.
Photo credit: Photo by Wiiliam West. Courtesy of Paul Walker.
Midge Marsden and Hammond Gamble, 2008
Hammond Gamble with Street Talk at Albert Park. Stuart Pearce is behind on a Yamaha electric grand piano.
Photo credit: Hammond Gamble collection
Hammond Gamble - Midnight (live at the Penguin Club, Oamaru, 1996)
Hammond Gamble - Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out (live at Mainstreet, Auckland, 1984)
Hammond Gamble, 2015
Bernie Darby and Ray Columbus with Hammond Gamble who had just won the 1984 Silver Scroll for 'Look What Midnight's Done To Me'
Hammond Gamble, 1981
Hammond Gamble, 1981
Harry Lyon, Hammond Gamble and Graham Brazier at The Cabana, Napier, 1984
Hammond Gamble with the Allstars at the Powerstation, Auckland, 2011
Hammond Gamble and Friends - You Make The Whole World Smile (NZ Red Nose Day song, 1992)
Hammond Gamble in the late 1970s
Hammond Gamble - Leaving the Country (live at Mainstreet, 1984)
Street Talk - Back In The Bad Old Days
Hammond Gamble with Street Talk, Windsor Castle, 1978
Photo credit: Simon Lynch
Hammond Gamble with Street Talk at Albert Park, 1975
Photo credit: Hammond Gamble collection
Hammond Gamble's 1983 Telethon charity single, released via RCA


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