Jane Walker

During her time in the New Zealand music scene, Jane Walker was as much an iconoclast as Toy Love, the band in which she became well known. Apart from Clare Elliott – Zero in the Suburban Reptiles – there were very few female musicians in the early punk and post-punk bands.

Jane was not there for novelty or shock value, though she was unmissable in her thrown together, primary coloured, op-shop outfits. On stage, while all was chaos at the microphone, she was one of four musicians keeping the maelstrom together. Toy Love was the sum of its parts, each distinctive, but her clavinet gave the band a pop element that helped transport those great songs – credited to every member – beyond the post-punk audience.

Jane Walker, c. 1979
Photo credit: Jane Walker collection
Jane Walker by Jane Walker, 2010
Photo credit: Jane Walker collection
Toy Love recording their debut single at Mandrill Studios, 1979
Photo credit: Murray Cammick
Jane Walker with Jed Town and Anna Bailey, Titirangi, 2011.
Photo credit: Stuart Page
Toy Love signing with WEA Records (NZ) and DeLuxe (Australia), 1979: Alec Bathgate, Jane Walker, WEA's Tim Murdoch, DeLuxe's Michael Browning, Paul Kean, Mike Dooley, WEA's Terence Hogan and Chris Knox
Photo credit: Chris Knox collection
Jane Walker, Christchurch - 1977
Photo credit: Kevin Hill 
Jane Walker's illustration for 'Toy Love on Toy Love', Rip It Up Extra, 1980
Jane Walker performing in Toy Love at XS Cafe, Auckland.
Jane Walker.
Photo credit: Peter Towers
Cuba Street, Wellington, 4 November 1979: David Maclennan at centre. Toy Love’s Paul Kean & Jane Walker to his right. Terrorways’ Chris Orange partially obscured behind him. Fine weather and a good turnout made this one of the better Cuba Mall sessions.
Jane Walker in Christchurch in the early 1980s
Photo credit: Alec Bathgate
Chris Knox and Jane Walker, Toy Love, Island of Real, 1979
Photo credit: Murray Cammick
Interview with Jane Walker, bFM, 2012
Jane Walker, Toy Love in the studio.
Photo credit: Murray Cammick
Squeeze (with remastered audio)
Toy Love album, 1980; cover designed by Jane Walker
Mike Dooley, Paul Kean and Jane Walker in Sydney, early 1980
Photo credit: Photo by Carol Tippet
Jane Walker.
Photo credit: Peter Towers

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