The Enemy Profile

Andrew Schmidt
16 Apr 2013

The precursor to Toy Love, The Enemy didn't release a record in their short career. But with their influence stretching far beyond the year or so they were active in the 1970s, they are easily one of New Zealand's most important bands.

Is it significant that Chris Knox, Alec Bathgate and Mike Dooley, the three founding members of Dunedin’s first punk group The Enemy, bonded on purchasing The Damned’s ‘Neat Neat Neat’? Or that The Enemy’s friend and chief advocate Roy Colbert would put two key signifiers, The Stooges and The Beatles, together when describing the pioneer Dunedin punk group’s sound?

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The Enemy, 1978
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The Enemy with Phil Judd - Alec Bathgate, Chris Knox, Mike Dooley, Phil Judd
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Mick Dawson, Mike Dooley, Alec Bathgate, Chris Knox
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The Enemy on Give It A Whirl
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Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate at Auckland University Cafe, 1978
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Chris Knox, Mike Dooley, Mick Dawson, Alec Bathgate
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Pull Down The Shades
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Mike Dooley and Chris Knox in their Dunedin practice room in 1978
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The Enemy, 1978
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The Enemy at Auckland University Cafe, 1978 - Chris Knox, Mick Dawson, Mike Dooley, Alec Bathgate
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The Enemy in 1978 - Mick Dawson (mugging it up for the camera), Mike Dooley, Alec Bathgate and Chris Knox
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The Enemy at their first gig at the Beneficiaries Hall, 16 November 1977. Left to right: Chris Knox, Mick Dawson, Mike Dooley and Alec Bathgate.
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Mick Dawson's band The Heavenly Bodies post The Enemy: Bevan Hudson, Mick Dawson, Kim Barron, Neil Dobier, Myles White
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State Dance, October 1978. The Suburban Reptiles were advertised but split shortly before this and were a no-show
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Back in Dunedin, Mick Dawson joined Heavenly Bodies, who played and recorded Dawson-era Enemy songs and new compositions, including You’re So Foolish. He then joined Broken Models.

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Iggy Told Me (Live)
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Chris Knox - vocals

Mick Dawson - bass

Mike Dooley - drums

Alec Bathgate - guitar

Phil Judd - guitar