Bob Gillett

It can be argued that Bob Gillett is the most influential musician, whether immigrant or NZ-born, to have been domiciled in New Zealand.

His inspiration and support encouraged some of New Zealand’s most accomplished talents in the jazz and rock fields. Alan Broadbent, Frank Gibson Jr, Tony Hopkins, Doug Jerebine, Harvey Mann, Mike Nock, Claude Papesch, Brian Smith and Billy TK are just some of the Kiwi notables who have cited him as a major influence.

The reed section of a NZBC radio jazz band pre-recording a session in 1970, in the 1ZB radio theatre, Durham Street, Auckland. Colin Martin has the saxophone on his lap, centre. From right it is Tony Baker and Bob Gillett. Standing is band leader and trombonist Dale Alderton.
Photo credit: Photo by Bruce King
The Brew at the Galaxie, 1967. Left to right: Bob Gillett, Doug Jerebine, Tommy Ferguson, Harvey Mann, Ian Thomson. 
Photo credit: Ian Thomson collection
A 1967 line-up of The Brew. Main picture Doug Jerebine. Right, top to bottom, Bob Gillett, Ian Thomson, Harvey Mann, Tommy Ferguson.
Photo credit: Ian Thomson collection
The Brew: Doug Jerebine, Bob Gillett, Tommy Ferguson, Yuk Harrison and Trix Willoughby
Photo credit: Phil Warren Collection
A later line-up of The Brew - Bob Gillett, Harvey Mann, Archie Bowie and Doug Jerebine
Bob Gillett, Brian Smith, Tony Hopkins (obscured), Mike Walker and Neville Whitehead
Bob Gillett with The High Flyers, an Army Air Force Band conducted by Bob during World War II

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