Tommy Ferguson

Tommy Ferguson has been in the NZ music scene for almost half a century but he has just a smattering of recordings to his name. Despite this, he has retained a profile since the 1960s as a performer and television entertainer.

Glasgow-born and don’t you forget it, Tommy Ferguson was a merchant seaman who jumped ship in Wellington in 1960, aged nineteen. The previous year he had assisted his shipmate Tommy Adderley to jump ship in Sydney. Adderley had helped introduce skiffle to New Zealand with his shipboard band, The Hound Dogs, and while Ferguson was never a member, he joined in to sing and play guitar whenever the opportunity arose.

C'mon '68 with Tommy Ferguson
The Brew at the Galaxie, 1967. Left to right: Bob Gillett, Doug Jerebine, Tommy Ferguson, Harvey Mann, Ian Thomson. 
Photo credit: Ian Thomson collection
Tommy Ferguson, 1967
Photo credit: Phil Warren Collection
Tommy Ferguson in a NZBC-TV show, with musical direction by Garth Young
Photo credit: NZBC
The Brew: Doug Jerebine, Bob Gillett, Tommy Ferguson, Yuk Harrison and Trix Willoughby
Photo credit: Phil Warren Collection
C'mon cast shot taken during the 1968 finale, with Shane, The Chicks, Ray Columbus, Tommy Ferguson and Ray Woolf
Photo credit: John Dix Collection

Tommy Ferguson is the father of DJ, beatmaker and record producer Juse.


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