The Kiwi Animal Profile

aka Smelly Feet
Andrew Schmidt
15 Jun 2015

With his radical Wellington post-punk quartet Shoes This High faltering, vocalist/provocateur Brent Hayward grabbed a stray acoustic guitar in late 1980 and set about creating a body of work that would match his previous group’s in importance while vastly exceeding it in volume.

As persistent and wide-ranging solo act Smelly Feet, he played and recorded throughout 1981 before morphing into The Kiwi Animal in 1982 with the equally talented Julie Cooper and later, Patrick Waller.

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Kiwi Animal's final shows at Red Metro, in December 1985
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Brent Hayward and Julie Cooper
Photo credit: Photo by Charles Jameson
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The 1997 German reissue of the 1985 The Kiwi Animal album Mercy.
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The Kiwi Animal's 1984 Music Media album was recorded by Greg Brice at Auckland's Last Laugh Studios and in the Old Synagogue. It would be reissued in Germany in 2000.
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The Kiwi Animal, Green Eggs and Ham, Fishschool, C.B.C. and Sick Dogs at the Māori Mission Hall, likely 1983
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The 1983 poster for the Wartime EP
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The poster for Smelly Feet's 3 Songs EP from 1981
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Julie Cooper and Brent Hayward
Photo credit: Photo by Charles Jameson
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The Kiwi Animal: Brent Hayward, Julie Cooper and Patrick Waller.
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
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The Kiwi Animal, Green Eggs and Ham, Accessories and Fishschool at the Parnell Library Hall, Auckland
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The Kiwi Animal write to RipItUp, 1983
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Smelly Feet at 51 Federal Street in a venue long covered by the casino in Auckland
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The debut EP from The Kiwi Animal, Wartime, released on their own Brent And Julie Records label
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Patrick Waller, Brent Hayward and Julie Cooper recording in the Knox Presbyterian Church, Parnell
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Julie Cooper and Brent Hayward
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Smelly Feet's 1981 7-inch EP 3 Songs, featuring the classic OHMS
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Smelly Feet and Alms For Children at the Auckland University Cafe, September 1981
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The Kiwi Animal, Bowen Studio Theatre, Auckland, August 1985
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A Kiwi Animal / Brent Hayward documentary from Orlando Stewart
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Brent And Julie Records

Massage Records

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Brent Hayward's painting of country singer Aly Cook can be found on the cover of her 2015 album Horseshoe Rodeo Hotel.

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Brent Hayward - Multi-instrumentalist

Patrick Waller - Multi-instrumentalist

Julie Cooper - Multi-instrumentalist

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