Fetus Productions Profile

Gary Steel
16 Aug 2013

Did New Zealand have an industrial rock scene in the early 1980s? Well, it had Fetus Productions. Later came the Skeptics, but that’s a whole other story.

Formed late in 1980 as a spinoff from the sparking embers of NZ’s definitive art-punk band The Features, Fetus Productions initially comprised Jed Town, with new recruits Sarah "Serum" Fort and Mike Brookfield. The Features' Karel van Bergen and James Pinker would join the band within a few months to record their debut album.

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Jed Town
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick
Fetus Productions at The Windsor Castle
Photo credit: Photo by Nick Ribton
Letter from Fetus Productions to writer Gary Steel that came with Fetalmania
Photo credit: Gary Steel Collection
What's Going On?'
Poster for the 1983 Perfect Product Japan only cassette
Fetus Productions in Japan
Jed Town
Photo credit: Jed Town Collection
State To Be In (Live 1984) Bob Sutton Collection
ICU - Selected
Jed Town 2011
Photo credit: Jed Town Collection
1985 press release
Fetus Productions in Mission Bay, mid-1980s
Jed Town
Fetus Productions flyer for their clothing and art

Jed Town

James Pinker

Karl van Bergen

Mike Brookfield

Sarah Fort


Jed Town’s pre-Fetus bands include Optic, Stonehenge, Acid Grease, The Superettes and The Anaesthetic.

When this author interviewed Town in the mid-1980s, he sported scarily modified “fangs”, while a jar containing what appeared to be a real fetus sat benignly nearby.

After moving to Australia, Town and Serum tried to form a group with Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard, later known as Dead Can Dance, but the collaboration didn’t work out.


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