Snapper Profile

Jon Chapman
6 Jun 2013

Like cigarettes on wet wool after smoking in a closed car, and the taste of tannins and dye when biting into hot leather, the sound of Peter Gutteridge's Snapper is hot motor oil and crank spiders injected directly through the eardrum, spoonful after silver spoonful.

Peter Gutteridge is the man who launched a thousand Flying Nun bands. Co-founder of The Clean, he appears only on a few live-in-1979 tracks on the long-deleted Odditties 2 cassette – including the first recording of ‘Point That Thing Somewhere Else’.

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Stuart Page shooting the video for Snapper's Buddy, Taieri Plains, mid-winter 1988. Christine Voice, rear centre, Peter Gutteridge on the right.
Photo credit: Stuart Page collection
Snapper at The Oriental, October 1987
Eyes That Shine (live at Warners Hotel, Christchurch 1993), with Peter Gutteridge, Chris Heazlewood, Celia Pavlova and Mike Dooley.
Peter Gutteridge with Snapper at Auckland's Gluepot in 1988 or 1989
Photo credit: Photo by Jonathan Ganley
Christine Voice, Alan Haig, Peter Gutteridge, Dominic Stones
The Christine Voice designed front sleeve for Snapper's 1992 album Shotgun Blossom. Recorded at Writhe Recording in Wellington, it was co-produced by Brent McLachlan.
Peter Gutteridge and Jed Town, the Flying Nun BBQ, Kings Arms, Auckland, 17 Feb 2013
Photo credit: Photo by Jackson Perry
Peter Gutteridge at Palisades in Brooklyn New York, 2 September 2014
Photo credit: Photo by Autovac
Christine Voice, Dominic Stones, Alan Haig & Peter Gutteridge.
Christine Voice and Peter Gutteridge
Snapper, 1993 - Peter Gutteridge, Celia Mancini and Chris Heazlewood. Missing is Mike Dooley.
Peter Gutteridge, Flying Nun BBQ, Kings Arms, Auckland, 17 Feb 2013
Photo credit: Photo by Jackson Perry
Mid-winter 1988 and Stuart Page is directing and filming the Snapper video for Buddy. It was, so the director says, " ...brrrrr... ".
Photo credit: Stuart Page collection
HDU & Peter Gutteridge - Point That Thing Somewhere Else (Live performance at the Powerstation, Auckland, 1997)
Snapper - Buddy (live at the Powerstation, Auckland, 4 October 1989)
Dominic Stones, Christine Voice, Alan Haig and Peter Gutteridge
Peter Gutteridge, 1996
Snaper [sic] at Chippendale House, Dunedin, August 1997
Roddy Pain, Peter Gutteridge and Mike Dooley
95bFM Extended Play: Peter Gutteridge - Early Dunedin Scene
The highly regarded 1988 Snapper EP was an increasingly sought-after release that saw reissue by Flying Nun in 2013. This is the original poster.
Christine Voice and Peter Gutteridge at Sammy's, 12 September 1991 as part of the Flying Nun 10th Anniversary celebrations
Photo credit: Courtesy of Flying Nun
Tall Dwarfs and Snapper at the Oriental, July 1987
Peter Gutteridge does a spot of busking in Dunedin, 2012
Peter Gutteridge at the Flying Nun BBQ, Kings Arms, Auckland, 17 Feb 2013
Photo credit: Photo by Petra Jane Smith

Flying Nun

Avalanche Records




Peter Gutteridge - guitar, vocals, keyboards

Alan Haig - drums

Dominic Stones - guitar

David Kilgour - guitar

Mike Dooley - drums

Chris Heazlewood - guitar

Christine Voice - keyboards, guitar, vocals

Maxine Funk

Danny Brady - keyboards

Hope Robertson - drums

Thomas Bell

Jack Reid - guitar

Roddy Pain - guitar

Celia Patel (also Pavlova/ Mancini)