The Body Electric Profile

Martyn Pepperell
10 May 2013

The Body Electric formed out of the remnants of Wellington punk band The Steroids in 1982. Originally they were a two-piece, Alan Jansson and Andy Drey, who both programmed and produced, but during their early rehearsals they were joined by actor Garry Smith on vocals before signing to Jayrem Records.

Their debut single ‘Pulsing’ was recorded in the 2ZM Studios, with the band producing (although Ripper Records label owner and 2ZM DJ Bryan Staff gets a co-production credit for arranging and overseeing the session).

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Garry Smith on the cover of TOM magazine, November1982
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The Spines meet The Body Electric. Left to right: Alan Jansson, Wendy Calder, Garry Smith, Jon McLeary and Andy Drey
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Body Electric: Wendy Calder, Garry Smith, Alan Jansson
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The Spines meet The Body Electric. Left to right: Jon McLeary, Wendy Calder, Alan Jansson, Andy Drey and Garry Smith.
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The Body Electric with two members of The Spines. L to R: Andy Drey, Garry Smith, Wendy Calder (The Spines), Alan Jansson and Jon McLeary (The Spines). Taken as a promo shot for the joint Pulsing With Punch tour, Wendy Calder would replace Andy Drey in The Body Electric after the tour.
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Interior Exile
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Body Electric: Wendy Calder, Garry Smith, Alan Jansson
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Alan Jansson - guitar, keyboards, production

Andy Drey - bass, production

Garry Smith - keyboards, production, vocals

Wendy Calder - bass

Paul Turney - keyboards

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Alan Jansson moved north to Auckland and became a highly respected producer. In the mid-1990s he had a global smash hit with How Bizarre by OMC.