Unrestful Movements

A few years too late for the peak of Wellington’s post-punk scene, Rotorua couple Glen Wilson and Pam Curreen moved to the capital in 1982, and recruited new members to revive their group Unrestful Movements. The result? Slow, snarling, grinding songs that echoed the punk era and anticipated later "sludge" rock bands.

The fertile Terrace Scene had dissipated along with its ready-made audience made up largely of university students. Unrestful Movements found themselves the unwitting entertainment for the infamous boot boys, whose antics scared off many would-be appreciators.

Tim Hunt
Unrestful Movements
The debut Unrestful Movements EP from 1982
Unrestful Movements on the cover of Wellington's TOM, May 1983
The 1986 cassette A Rolling Stone Needs No Moss
Anti Trend (1983)
Pam Curreen
Glen Wilson and Tim Hunt
Unrestful Movements
Grenville Main, Tim Hunt, Glen Wilson, Pam Curreen
Grenville Main
Glen Wilson
Pam Curreen

Glen Wilson - guitar

Pam Curreen - bass

Tim Hunt - drums

Grenville Main - guitar




The group’s original name was Unrestful Movements In The Vegetable Patch. This version of the group performed at the Railway Stage of the Sweetwaters music festival in 1982 shortly before Wilson and Curreen moved to Wellington.

Tim Hunt previously played in A Front and Grenville Main in Insects That Jive On Crippled Grass Blades (with a debt to Janet Frame). What is it with Wellington and ungainly band names?

Writer Steve Braunias blogged on www.witchdoctor.co.nz: “Unrestful Movements! Good live band – the records were terrible, very boring. Onstage, they were loud, theatrical, menacing. Offstage, they were quite sweet, but also pretty thick. The singer was tall and had high hair. He did that Satanic growl thing. One of my favourite live bands of the time.”

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