aka Zoe Fleury, Bionic Pixie

Zoe Fleury has always looked beyond the bounds of traditional music and that of her peers. Instead of embracing a single genre, her musical output takes on both dark and light qualities, merging industrial textures with more accessible pop elements and an overarching focus on rhythm.

In tandem with each of her musical projects, she has a penchant for taking on personas to match, including a frantic anime and manga-inspired drummer, a space-age pixie and a futuristic cheerleader.

Zowie - Bite Back (2010)
Zowie - Broken Machine (2010)
The 2012 Love Demolition album, named by UK based blog Popjustice as one the planet's best albums of 2012
Zowie at South By Southwest, 2011: Andy Thomas, Zowie and Harry Champion
Zowie with Flight Of The Conchords
Zowie at the 2011 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards
Zowie promotional artwork, 2012
Zowie - My Calculator (2012)
Zowie's drummer, Jordan Clark
Zowie's My Calculator single sleeve, 2012
Zowie with The Bengal Lights
A 2012 Zowie publicity shot
Zowie publicity shot for the Love Demolition album
Zowie on the cover of Remix magazine, 2012
Photo credit: Courtesy of Remix
Zowie - Smash It (2011)
Zowie at Auckland's Sky City, May 2013
Photo credit: Photo by Norrie Montgomery
Zowie supporting Nicki Minaj at Auckland's Vector Arena, 2012
Photo credit: Photo by Georgia Schofield
Zowie publicity shot, 2012


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