The Rocket Jocks

aka TK 421, The Scholnicks

In late 1994, three former students of Gisborne’s Lytton High School, Res “Rapid” Ngata, Lucas “Mucus” Nickerson and Justin “Zorton” Rendell cobbled together a punk rock trio in their isolated home city on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

As TK-421, a name copped from a minor Star Wars character, they played around Gisborne to muted response and released an EP, Crappy, before departing for Auckland.

The Rocket Jocks, an early publicity pic, 2006. From left: Lucas Mucus, Res Rapid
An early TK-421, gig, c. 1994. Fecal Matter featured Res Rapid's brother Anaru Ngata, who would go on to form Mountaineater with Tristan Dingemans. ex-HDU
The Rocket Jocks, venue unknown, c. 2007 or 2008. From left: Res Rapid, Drummy, Lucas Mucus
The Rocket Jocks' Dance-Off trophy was given away to people in crowd who won dance-offs at Rocket Jocks shows. This one was won by Liz Young, who provided the photo
The Rocket Jocks at Whammy Bar, Auckland, 2016. From left: Lucas Mucus, Drummy, Res Rapid
TK-421 at the Substation, Auckland, mid-1990s; also on the bill was Semtex. From left: Lucas Mucus, Res Rapid
TK-421: an early photo, c. 1994, the Irish Rover, Gisborne. From left: Lucas Mucus, Res Rapid Zorton
The Last Alliance Of Rockets And Cats – a split EP by Skaface Claw and The Rocket Jocks. Cover by Ben Reid
The Rocket Jocks at the Poverty Bay Club, Gisborne, 2007. From left: Lucas Mucus, Res Rapid
A Rocket Jocks’ publicity pic. From left: Res Rapid, Drummy, Lucas Mucus
TK-421 'UFO' single - cover by Zorton
TK-421 at a Gisborne house party, 1996 or 1997. People destroyed furniture for firewood for bonfire; when that ran out, the house owner started chain-sawing down trees at four o’clock in the morning
The Rocket Jocks play Wellington's Mighty Mighty, June 2013
On the Attack!!! - Napier, 2007
TK-421 at the Substation, 1996 or 1997 – their first time playing Auckland. From left: Zorton, Res Rapid, Lucas Mucus
Playing Auckland's Thirsty Dog Tavern with Dick Dynamite and the Dopplegangers, and Slow Water Forty; October 2010
The Rocket Jocks at Smash Palace, Gisborne, 2010. From left: Res Rapid, Lucas Mucus, Drummy
The Rocket Jocks - What Can I Do?
The Rocket Jocks’ Next Stop Moon, artwork by Kenzie Sampson
The Rocket Jocks at Whammy Bar, 2016. From left: Tom Anderson, Lucas Mucus. Confetti cannon in full blast
Rocket Jocks’ To Russia publicity shot. From left: Res Rapid, Drummy, Lucas Mucus
Rocket Jocks/Uncools double-bill, K Road, Auckland, October 2016
The Rocket Jocks at Whammy Bar, Auckland. From left: Tom Anderson firing off the Confetti Cannon, Lucas Mucus, Drummy
TK-421's Crappy - cover by Zorton
Smash Summer Sesh III festival, Gisborne, December 2010
The Rocket Jocks’ Return To Planet X – artwork by Kenzie Sampson
At the King's Arms, October 2009, supporting UK Subs, The Managers and 5th Threat
The Rocket Jocks, Tairawhiti Polytechnic, Gisborne, 2006. From left: Lucas Mucus, Res Rapid
The Lyttontons, Winstons, Gisborne. From left: Res Rapid, Lucas Mucus
The Adventures of TK-421, mid-1990s. Poster by Zorton

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