The Pictones

aka The Pic-Tones

In an odd coincidence, around the same time as the young Beatles went into a studio in Germany in 1961 and backed the singer Tony Sheridan on a rock’n’roll version of the old Scottish ballad ‘My Bonnie’, the Pictones – a band on the other side of the planet – was doing much the same.

While that uniquely Liverpudlian amalgam out of Hamburg featured a vocalist, the version from the band out of Palmerston North was a Shadows-styled instrumental, and a pretty good one at that. ‘My Bonnie’ was on the flipside of The Pictones’ debut single on the TALA label, the countrified and twanging ‘Pistol Packin’ Mama’ (which was also an instrumental, and opens with the sound of horse’s hooves, pistol shots and a whinny).

The Pictones being filmed for an early TV appearance.
Photo credit: John Yuile collection
The Pictones - Pistol Packin' Mama (Tala, 1961)
The Pictones - Hashish (Tala, 1962)
The Pictones - Hashish, written by Dave Clarke, 1961.
The Pictones who recorded 'Hashish', 1961. Fom left: Dave Clarke (lead), Colin Severts (rhythm), Trevor Harrison (bass), Bruce O'Conner (piano), and Brian Dredge (drums).
Photo credit: Garry Clark collection
Walter Clark introducing the Pictones.
Photo credit: Garry Clark collection
The Pictones' autographs on the back of a promotional photo. 
Photo credit: Garry Clark collection
The Pictones - Hashish, TALA, 1961.
The Pictones performing on stage, Electricity Exhibition, Levin.
Photo credit: J. Cumming / Horowhenua Historical Society Inc.
The Pictones with vocalist Cherie Locke
Photo credit: Garry Clark collection

Dave Clarke - guitar

Colin Severts - guitar

Bruce O’Connor - piano

Brian Dredge - drums

Trevor Harrison - bass

Donna Reid - vocals

Sally Sadler - vocals

Cherie Locke - vocals



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