The Crocodiles

Though short-lived, The Crocodiles were one of the most accomplished pop groups to come out of New Zealand in the early 80s. They included an internationally acclaimed actor, launched a trans-Tasman singing star, and left behind one of the country’s most enduring hits.

When Fane Flaws formed The Crocodiles in 1979, his unpredictable energies were already well known. He started out as a Wellington design student in the early 70s, but his career had taken a detour. One evening he was waiting at a suburban bus stop when a brightly painted ex-railways bus rounded the corner. It pulled up alongside him and swung open its psychedelic doors. What could he do but climb aboard?

The Crocodiles Mk.1: Tony Backhouse, Jenny Morris, Fane Flaws, Tina Matthews, Peter Dasent and Bruno Lawrence, 1979
Tony Backhouse recording with Spats at Harlequin Studio, Mt. Eden Rd, Auckland 1977
Photo credit: Tony Backhouse collection
The Crocodiles (Mark I) - Peter Dasent, Tony Backhouse, Bruno Lawrence, Jenny Morris, Tina Matthews, Fane Flaws
Fane Flaws
Photo credit: Murray Cammick Collection
Rip It Up No.33, April 1980
SPATS recording 'New Wave Goodbye' at Harlequin Studio, Mt. Eden Rd, Auckland 1977. L-R: Patrick Bleakley, Michael Knapp, Fane Flaws, Tony Backhouse and Peter Dasent.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Fane Flaws and Michael Knapp
Street Talk and The Crocodiles at the Auckland Town Hall, 18 February 1980
Photo credit: Mike Corless Collection
The final Crocodiles gig, Bondi Astra, Sydney, July 1981. Left to right: Rikki Morris, Barton Price (drums), Fane Flaws, Jonathan Zwartz, Jenny Morris, Tony Backhouse.
Photo credit: Richard Morris collection
The Crocodiles’ 1981 single ‘Hello Girl’, sung by Rikki Morris
The Crocodiles at Sweetwaters, January 1981. 
Photo credit: Lane van der Linden
Spats, 1977/78
The Crocodiles debut album, recorded at Mandrill Studios and produced by Glyn Tucker Jr
The Crocodiles - Tears
The Crocodiles (Mark II) - Ian Gilroy, Tony Backhouse, Jenny Morris, Tina Matthews, Peter Dasent
Fane Flaws' Crocodiles logo as it appeared on a promo sticker for the debut album
The Crocodiles, late 1980 - Tina Matthews, Peter Dasent, Tony Backhouse. Jenny Morris, Ian Gilroy
The Crocodiles - Any Day Of The Week
The Crocodiles - Hello Girl
Spats - New Wave Goodbye (1978)
The Crocodiles' second album, 'Looking At Ourselves' - released in November 1980. 





Bruno Lawrence - drums

Fane Flaws - guitar

Jenny Morris - vocals

Peter Dasent - keyboards

Tony Backhouse - guitar

Tina Matthews - bass

Mark Hornibrook - bass

Ian Gilroy - drums

Jonathan Zwartz - bass

Barton Price - drums

Rikki Morris - guitar, vocals

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